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Rejecting Solids

We started DD on rice and oatmeal cereals last month and she really enjoyed eating them.  I then cooked some sweet potato a couple weeks ago, and she fought it for several days.  I went back to oatmeal because she initially loved it, but she doesn't want it now either.  She actually has a very stressed out look on her face or just shuts her mouth.  She does like to play with the spoon and puts it in her mouth or bats it around - sticky oatmeal everywhere.

I read somewhere the rejection could be related to teething.  Any experiences or thoughts?   THX!

Re: Rejecting Solids

  • I'd try something else.  Some things my son hasn't liked the consistency of the first time or two he had them-potatoes, ground beef.  Some stuff he hates the flavor.  He hates peaches and acts like he's being poisoned if I give them to him.  He's also rejected solids when he's constipated.

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  • Can you try watering it down more with breastmilk or formula?  In the beginning Maggie liked her stuff pretty watery - too much texture was bad for her.  Also try the different brands, some may taste different than others.  Have you tried a fruit?  Some kids prefer fruits since they are sweeter.
  • My son still hates solids.  ALL of them.  He had one day where he liked bananas and one day where he appeared to like his oatmeal, but that's it.  I've tried all kinds of fruits and veggies too.  It may just be that your DD isn't ready, it could be teething, it could be a number of things.  Sorry I'm not more help!
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