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I have a question regarding health insurance. We are currently expecting our first child, and both my husband and I would like nothing more than for me to be able to be a SAHM. However, my husband is self-employed. He is currently under my health insurance. I have looked into private insurances. They are kind of costly, but we could manage. However, I am having a hard time finding plans that have maternity coverage ( when we would have another child.) Some have an optional benefit of maternity coverage, but it looks like they only cover a very minimal amount ( ~$2000.00).  I was wondering if anyone else has gone through a similar situation, or has any advice? I would love to be a SAHM, but realistically, if we were to have another child in a couple years, we could not afford to pay for it all out of our pockets.

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  • This is what we are looking at as well.  Maternity coverage is an additional 5,000 deductible.  :(  It stinks.  I don't know if there is anyway around it.  Maybe a part-time job with benefits?  I'm sorry.  I wish it were easier to be a SAHM here.
  • My husband is also self employeed and was the only employee (of his s-corp). In order for us to qualify for a policy, we had to add me to the payroll (as a book keeper) and so now technically we have 2 employees and qualify for "small group"    (2-51 employees) insurance through BCBS. Granted every state is different and here in NJ we are paying $936/mo for no deductable health ins + dental. When we have a child he/she will go under one of our policys so that one of us is still a "single" policy and the other will be a "parent/child" policy.

     As for the payroll, we write out weekly paychecks to me and I deposit them right into our joint account so that the money goes back to him. Its a small way to get around the self employeed, one employee problem =)

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  • have you check out your local Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield policies?  in our state, they have a plan that covers maternity.  there's no minimum coverage amount and no separate deductible for maternity.  it is a little costly, but it's something. 
  • My husband and I are both self employed and it is very difficult for us to get help with any health insurance luckily I have a great maternity coverage right but the cost is sky high I have called other insurances and the agents told me to stick with what I have.  I did get our health insurance through Check out what they have to offer.  To us it is like a 2nd mortgage payment and I hope that something will be done to help us citizens.  We did not qualify for Chip (which is in my state)  to help with our cost.  I am working 2 jobs and I am hoping that I can find a little bit more hours with my other job to help get coverage for health insurance.  Good luck!!! 

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