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*artslvr, crazy, others w/ 2nd tri m/s*

Hi ladies,

I know you have gone before me and hopefully have some wisdom. I have been sick since 8w and it shows no signs of slowing. I started Zofran at 16w and it worked for a few days but now I am getting sick again. Ick! Will be adding Reglan to see if that helps.

Any words of advice? I feel like I've tried all the remedies without relief. Even some "you can do it" support would be appreciated.

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Re: *artslvr, crazy, others w/ 2nd tri m/s*

  • You can do it!

    Mine stopped at right around 19 weeks.  Maybe you'll get lucky and it will be stopping soon!

    No real words of advice, particularly if you've tried pretty much everything.  Not much worked for me either.  Sometimes, what worked the best was just being distracted.  I found that when I was teaching and my students were acting up, I didn't have time to focus on how gross I felt.  I

  • This may not be encouraging but I had m/s (more like morning noon and night sickness!!) until I delivered with both kids. I took Zofran with DS and if I was diligent about taking it every 6 hours, it really helped a lot. I still threw up but it helped with the constant nausea. As long as you're keeping some food down and gaining weight, your baby will be fine. I'm sure you'll doctor will tell you if he/she has any concern with your weight gain. Have you tried Phenagren (sp?) yet? My cousin had good luck with that with 2 of her pregnancies. I know how much is sucks but at least pregnancy is a temporary condition:) The third trimester seems to go by SO quickly so 8 weeks until the home stretch. Hopefully you'll get some relief soon.  
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  • I was ALL about the Reglan.  It's the only thing that worked for me.

    So sorry you're having to deal with this!!!!!!  Sad

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  • Thanks...I am rocking a cute bump but not gaining weight, hence the issue. Artslvr, how long were you on Reglan?
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  • the last time i puked was 26 weeks!  i thought i was never going to stop.  i didn't start gaining weight until after that.  they told me if i didn't start after that appointment they were going to worry.  not to worry, i packed on the pounds.  it does suck, but you will get through this!
  • Try all the options - different ones work best for different people.  I think it is the phenergan that is best at night since it can knock you out (got that one at the hospital this last time).  For me the Zofran really only decreased my vomiting frequency, until it was next to nothing.  But I took it until about 26 weeks as well - every time I tried to go off of it the puking came back.

    It should get better before the end even if it doesn't go away entirely.  I was really amazed how it was just gone once the baby arrived too.  I could take the big ibuprofen horse pills without gagging and puking, which would have definitely happened while I was pregnant.

  • Thanks for the advice and sympathy - I appreciate it - and keep it coming! At least now I know how many of you had the same issues...
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  • You can do it!  I trhew up at least a few times a week until the end (capped off by puking 3 or 4 times during the actual birth... LOL)

    I never tried any of the drugs... but, I did find that playing around with my eating habits helped a little bit.  Certain foods, like fruits and some grains were worse than others. 

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  • I already forget how long I was on the Reglan, I must have blocked it out!  It was pretty much through my first tri and into my second tri... I'm sorry I don't remember exactly!
    Wife, Musician, Fed, WW-er, and Mom of three little kids - not necessarily in that order.
  • You can doooo eeeeet! :)

    I had m/s until 19w and then again in the 3rd tri.  I took vitamin B (6? 12?).  Sucked on ginger Altoids all.the.time.  Ate the blandest foods I could find.  And carried a grapefruit around with me so I could sniff it whenever I needed to.  For some reason, it would calm my stomach.  DH started referring to it as my Snuggle Fruit. :)

    I hope you feel better soon!

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