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My Surprisingly Quick Induction

DS was due on March 5, 2009.  I suspected all along his due date was closer to 3/12/2009 since I was charting and new exactly when we conceived, but DS measured about a week earlier so we were going with March 5.


My pregnancy was pretty smooth.  I had some morning sickness in the beginning and was later diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.  I kept my blood sugar under control with diet and was really proud that I stuck to it for the rest of my pregnancy.  One of the risks associated with GD is large babies.  If the baby gets too large, it ups the risk for a c-section.  


At our 37 week appointment we had an ultrasound to measure the baby?s size.  At that point, it looked like DS weighed about 6lbs 7 ozs.  Since he was not huge, we decided to continue the pregnancy to term.  March 5 came and went and I was getting nervous about the baby?s size.  I was expecting he was well over 8 lbs.  I was getting contractions and they were getting stronger.  However they never got regular enough to put me into labor.  I was making some progress on my own.  At my last check up I was 4 cm dilated, 80% effaced and -1 station.  Our doctor felt the induction would go smoothly.


We decided to induce on March 10.


We got to the hospital at 7:00 am and got checked in and brought to our room.  Since I was getting pitocin, the nurses need to start an IV with fluids.


Our doctor came in around 8:30 to check me and break the water.  I was the same as I was a week ago.  Although one of the nurses was very impressed I was already 4 cm and a first time mom.  She told me with the next baby I had better camp out next to the hospital. 


Breaking the water didn?t necessarily hurt, but it was uncomfortable like all internal exams are uncomfortable.  Before Dr. H left, she joked that it would be most convenient if I would have the baby at lunch time.


Around 9:00 the pitocin was started.  Since I was on pitocin, I had to have the monitors on the entire time to measure the baby?s heart rate. I started feeling the contractions around 9:15 or so.  I was allowed to get up and use the ball and walk around. 


At first the contractions were spaced out about 5 ? 10 minutes and were tolerable.  By 9:30 I really had to start breathing through them and concentrating.  Working through a contraction on the birthing ball or ?dancing? with my husband did help.  Over the next 15 minutes, the contractions got much closer together - about every 3 minutes.


At 10:00, the monitors did not want to work with me!  So the nurse told me I?d have to get back into bed.  The contractions were so intense and close together at this point, I didn?t know how I was going to be able to labor in bed!  I suffered a few more contractions lying down, but could not focus or breathe.  I was crying and panicking, even though my husband and nurse were doing a good job trying to guide me through.  Since the contractions were so close, the nurses kept asking if I felt like I need to push.  I didn?t yet, but realized things were beginning to move fast.  At this point, I decided to get the epideral.


Ten minutes before I made the decision, there was no wait for the epidural man, but the moment I asked for it, there were two girls ahead of me.  The thought of suffering through more contractions was horrible.  The charge nurse took pity one me ? probably because my moaning could be heard all over the floor and they wanted me to stop J.  But also because I was 4cm and the other girl was only 1 cm.


While waiting for the epideral, I had another contraction.  My husband came over to comfort me and I rewarded him by biting his arm.  I didn?t think I did it hard (I was trying to be playful), but it did make him jump.  That caused me to laugh, but being in the middle of a contraction everyone thought I was crying.  Finally the epi was in and I started to feel some relief.  It was now about 10:15


Since I had some pretty intense contractions, the nurses decided to check me and I had progressed to 6 cm and was very stretchy.  They left me alone for a while and I napped.  The baby was sunny side up, so the nurses tried to position me so DS would rotate to face the back.  Pushing out a sunny side up baby is a lot harder and was the cause of the intense lower back pain I would get during each contraction.  The baby?s heartbeat would drop slightly between each contraction.  The nurses told me he was most likely lying on his cord.  They put an internal monitor on the baby?s head to better track his heartbeat.


At 1:00 my doctor came back.  She was going to do an amionic transfusion ? meaning they were going to fill my uterus with a saline to get the baby to float and get off his cord.  She was also going to insert an internal monitor to track how strong the contractions were since the external monitors were not accurate.  With the epideral, I felt nothing unless I had my hands on my tummy and could feel it tightening.


Dr. H went to check my progress.  She was at the end of her lunch hour and getting ready to go back to the office.  She looked a little shocked and went ?Your complete?.  I thought she was joking.  I looked at DH and he asked ?What does that mean??  I said it meant we were having a baby ? NOW!


From the start of the pitocin to pushing, I had only spent 4 hours in active labor.  I may have been ready sooner, but hadn?t been checked for progress since 10:15.


We did a couple of practice pushes and I did just like they say on TLC?s Baby Story ? bear down and concentrate all the pressure down there. The bed broke down, Dr. H scrambled for scrubs and one of the nurses wheeled in a mirror so I could see what was going on.


Dr. H asked for forceps and a vacuum just in case.  In my mind I?m thinking ?There is no way you are going to use either on my baby, I?ll show you!?  I pushed through maybe 5 contractions.  DH said every time I pushed, Dr. H would look at the nurses and they would be shocked at how much progress I was making each time, especially considering that he was facing up.  I credit the epi and my stubbornness for the good pushes.


At one point I reached down to touch the top of his head and DH did the same.  Then at about 1:30 his head was out.  I went for another super push to finish the job and they yelled at me to stop.  I just wanted him in my arms so bad.


Dr. H suctioned him and then said ?Kim, grab your baby? so I reach down, grabbed him behind the shoulder and pulled him out and onto my belly. 


I remember feeling him on me and it being so surreal.  I giggled and cried.  I was just starring at my husband who looked so in awe of his new baby.  Then I remembered, ?Hey maybe you should check out your baby you just pulled out of you.?


He was beautiful.  He looked so much like the 3-D sonogram pictures.  His cry was the most amazing thing I ever heard ? so much more beautiful to me than any other baby?s cry.  He grabbed onto my gown and was staring into my eyes.  I was so in love.


Then a nurse asked to take him.  I don?t think I ever said yes, I just remember pouting at her.  She took him and he was still holding onto my gown.  DH was still standing by me to make sure I was ok.  I had a very minor tear that was being stitched up. I told him go be with his son.  As soon as DS heard DH voice, he stopped crying and he grabbed on tight to his finger.  He took some pictures with the video camera, since his ?brianiac? wife forgot her memory card for the digital camera.


DS measured 19.5 inches long.  He weighed 6lb 8.8oz.  At this point I thought the scale must be broken, I was having a big baby, remember?  Gestational Diabetes, yeah right!  His blood sugar was just fine too.


Finally, the nurse gave him back to me and nothing else mattered.  I just kept staring at him.  When the room cleared I attempted to breastfeed him for the first time and got him to latch on for a while.  He had a crazy long tongue that went every where except where it was suppose to.  But he has quickly learned how to fix that.


We stayed in the hospital two nights.  He has a bruise on his head that the neonatologist wanted to keep an eye on and also they wanted to monitor him for jaundice.  We went home Thursday morning.  We are trying to relax and get enough sleep ? 7 weeks later we are still working on that!


Also, I lost all the baby weight in the first two weeks.  I credit the gestational diabetes diet for that.  As much as I complained about it, it made me and the baby healthy.


 Some pics from the day after:

From Birth
From Birth


DS Now!

From week 7

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