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Yeah! I get to stay home with the baby!!!!

Hello Moms! I'm new to this board and am so happy to be able to join the rest of you. Even though I'm not a stay at home mom just yet, I'm so happy that my husband has finally agreed with me staying home once the baby comes. The only thing is I do have to make money while staying home to help out. I'm fine with that. I'm just so happy that in a few months I can quit my job that I hate so much and stay home with my new little bundle of joy full time. I'm so thankful that are stay at home jobs that allow every mom to do this!!!

Re: Yeah! I get to stay home with the baby!!!!

  • Congratulations.  It's a job that you will absolutely love, even though it is hard works sometimes. 

    What at home job are you going to do?  Just curious. 

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  • I'm not suppose to talk about it on here. It's what the rules say! I'm just happy to meet some stay at home moms on this forum to help with any advice!!

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  • imagetdlaws:
    It's with a group called work at home united. I did tons of research to make sure it was legit. It seemed like a no brainer. If I find that I don't like it I'm not out any money like some other work at home businesses. I feel real good about it! The best part is it's not one of those to where I have to be on the phone or computer all day long!! And I don't sell stuff. I don't like doing anything like that!! I'm so happy I found this business!!


    I thought Work at Home United was the same company as Melaleuca where you sell stuff to friends? 

  • It is. But you don't sell stuff to anyone, you buy them for yourself. You just refer others!!

  • I'm not on here to talk about that though because the rules say not to, which is fine. I'm just so happy to get to stay home and see my baby all day long when he/ she gets here. Can't wait. I hope to get to meet alot of other great stay at home moms. I'm sure I  will need the advice!!!
  • Congrats!  Enjoy your time with your baby. ;)
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  • Congrats! :)

    There are lots of great work at home jobs. I'm sure you'll find the perfect one for you. There are lots of great ideas on this forum.

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    Congratulations and enjoy your son or daughter!!

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