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Mother's Day Craft Ideas

I'm looking for some inspiration on something to have the kids make for the grandmas and great-grandmas. Any ideas??

Re: Mother's Day Craft Ideas

  • You could make stepping stones for their gardens-put the kids foot and/or handprints in them, or just have them decorate them with stones and beads. You can make a bouquet of "flowers" using the kids handprints cut out of colored paper, and then rolled into flower shapes, have them paint flower pots, ummm..i could keep going!
  • You are so sweet, I hadn't really thought about making gifts for Emily's Gran.  ha!  :)

    I saw a thumbprint necklace in the back of Parents magazine that was super cute!  I'm not sure how it works exactly or what the shipping time on that would be but I just loved the idea and want one of Emily's thumbprint for myself!


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  • I am going to a pottery painting place next week to paint my mom a platter or flower vase or something.  I'm thinking about putting DD's handprint on it & the saying "Grandmas never run out of cookies or kisses". 
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