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My surprise baby arrived- It's a Boy!

My beautiful baby boy was born on April 21, 5 days past his due date. It was a long labor thanks to having to unexpectedly be induced.

I went in last Monday (4/20) to have a NST and an ultrasound to make sure the baby was doing okay since he was overdue. He did great on the NST but my midwife wanted to set an induction date just in case. So she called the hospital and scheduled my induction for April 27. I then went to my ultrasound and the fluid levels around the baby were too low so they told me, surprise, you're being induced today! They gave us 1.5 hours to go home, eat lunch, grab our bags, take care of our dog, then get to the hospital. It was wild! When I got to the hospital I was 1.5 cm dialated and only about 50% effaced so I had a long ways to go. They gave me a cervix ripening agent called Prepadil (that was almost the most painful part of my whole experience!). After 6 hours on Prepadil (and tons of walking, sitting on the ball, sitting in squats, etc), I was only dialated to a 3. But, I had made some progress so that was good. They gave me sleeping medication and said that hopefully with some sleep I'd wake up in the morning ready to push. Unfortunately, I woke up Tuesday morning not much further along then when I went to bed (around 3.5 cm dialated now). They then decided to up things a notch and gave me a stronger drug called Cytotec. After several more hours (and lots more walking, etc), I was only dialated to about 4 cm. So, out came the Pitocin. I wasn't looking forward to having to be hooked to an IV for the rest of my labor but since the baby had no interest in being born, this was the option I was left with (I had hoped for a natural birth and was nervous about this being possible on Pitocin). After about 6 more hours of walking, fit ball, etc. they checked me and I was definitely more effaced (about 70%) but was only about 5 cm dialated still. The contractions were starting to get quite a bit more painful so I began the TENS unit (which I really liked). After another couple of hours (and them continuously cranking the Pitocin up), they checked me- NO PROGRESS! It was very frustrating. They then decided to break my water to see if that would help. Almost immediately after they broke my water, the contractions became very intense. I worked with the TENS unit for awhile and then moved to the tub. I labored for about 3 hours this way and was so out of it with the pain. My entire body would convulse with each contraction. The pain that went through my legs during the contractions was unreal and I had not anticipated leg pain. Although I wanted a natural birth, my midwife suggested an epidural since I had labored for so long already and seemed to be too exhausted to deal with the pain. I gave in and got an epidural and was still only 6 cm along. After the epidural they told me to try to sleep and that again, hopefully I'd wake up and be ready to push. They also turned off the Pitocin because they said my body finally seemed to be accepting the fact that I was in labor and I seemed to be contracting on my own now. I have no idea how long I slept for (a couple of hours), but they came back around 11:30 p.m. to check me and I was fully dialated and ready to push! After only pushing through 3 contractions, Marek was born shortly before midnight (and a long 35 hours since the whole experience began). My husband got to catch him, bring him to me, tell me it was a boy and cut the cord. I had two small tears but overall did well. I did spike a temperature during labor so I had to be hooked up to more IV's for the next day or so to bring that down. My body also didn't respond well to the epidural and so I was in recovery for quite some time before they were able to move me to Women's Care since I couldn't move my legs at all.
Sorry for the novel- a lot happened in those 35 hours that I labored! It was exhausting and caused us to have quite a long hospital stay (4 days total) but it was worth every minute.


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Re: My surprise baby arrived- It's a Boy!

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