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I'm so frustrated, I've been on an elimination diet since DD was 1 mo old (she's e-BFed); she has eczema and now she's allergic to 2 out of the 3 foods we've tried - avocado and sweet potato

has anyone else's baby been like this? will I ever find anything other than rice cereal she's not allergic to?? I feel so bad b/c she's so interested in everything that goes into our mouths but both of the non-bland foods we tried gave her really itchy rashes.

I'll probably intro apples this weekend *sigh*

Re: allergic!!

  • I have no advice, just wanted to say how frustrating that must be!  I'm allergic to a couple foods, and haven't given them to S yet.  My allergist said there's roughly 40% inheritability on parental allergies.  Hang in there!
  • A friend's DD gets itchy rashes from all food that is not organic.  They think she might be allergic to some type of pesticide or preservative that is used on the food.  Maybe this could be a problem for your DD too?

    Have you talked to your pedi?  They can test to verify allergies for the foods, as well as to see what else she is allergic to.  That way, you won't have such a guessing game.

  • neither I nor MH are allergic to anything! the avocado was organic and the sweet potato was too but out of a jar, not from a potato I bought and baked.

    we've seen an allergist and she does not recommend testing before age 2 b/c the false negative rate is so high

    I guess all I can do is keep trying new foods each week

  • DD has horrible eczema - she is itchy and scratching all the time.   The rashes vary in degree of horribleness from day to day and her head and torso just itch most of the time even if there are no rashes.  We have so many OTC creams and prescription-strength steroid creams that are only supposed to be used on a limited basis.  I'm going to call the dermatologist AGAIN for what next.  We keep treating the effects with varying success (good days, bad days) but still no idea of the cause.  She's rejecting solids at the moment so we haven't even gotten beyond rice and oatmeal cereals.  The eczema has been going on since she was 2 months old - it started out as the worst cradle cap ever.

    It's even more frustrating because she fights sleep like crazy anyway - then add itchy baby so it's next to impossible to get her to sleep without nursing/bottle to relax her.  She is nursed plus bottled fed with either pumped milk or supplemental formula.

    I don't know what to tell you - it's just awful not knowing what to do.

  • Our pedi.told us to use Crisco on DD's eczema.  I looked it ip online when we got home and sure enough, its a home remedy.  It acts just like aquaphor, like a barrier to keep the skin moist. :Plus it's so much cheaper than all those creams.   It has worked great on DD.  We put a little hydrocortizone cream on her red patches and them put the Crisco on top of that.  We started doing it in Dec. and the eczema went away.  Now we'll have to see if she has a warm weather reaction like she did in the wintertime. 
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