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What's going on this week?

Monday-take D grocery shopping (need to menu plan!)

Tuesday-spend time with D and my mom since she's on vaca this week from work (shopping at mall of course!!)

Wed-library time

Thurs-no plans yet

Friday-D goes to Grandma's and I can get some personal time/mom time! 

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Re: What's going on this week?

  • monday - taking her to drop-in daycare from 10 - 5 so that I can work on my annotated bibliography. ?ugh.

    tuesday - thursday - the usual: go to the park/library/errands/whatever

    friday - hubster is taking the day off so I can do more school. ?great. ?

    saturday - more school

    sunday - pictures! and then school.?

  • Monday -- waiting around for the cable guy (we just moved) and sweating out the heat wave.  Also, putting up pictures in DD's room.

    Tuesday -- paperwork & research pediatricians in area.  We'll be starting Gymboree next Tuesday.

    Weds -- lunch with DH & enjoy a long walk after being cooped up indoors. Laundry and vacuuming at night: woohoo!

    Thursday -- is always meal planning and grocery shopping day.  I don't know what DD and I will do for fun... something.

    Friday -- cleaning bathroom and kitchen, and maybe we'll check out the YWCA.

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  • Right now I'm in survival mode. I'm going to be watching my 6 week old cousin while her Mom works so from 9 to 5 I'm going to have 3 under 3. I'm hoping that by the end of the week I'll have the hang of it and actually be able to leave the house and go to the park.
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  • Mominator- you are Superwoman! ?3 under 3???? ?wow.


    We're hitting up the petting zoo near us today.

    I was hoping to spend a day in the city this week for fun, but am scared away by flu:( ?Yesterday we went to the beach and had a blast! ?But I'd prefer some cooler temps for a little while longer.?

  • We went grocery shopping an on a quick walk this AM but it's tooooo hot for anything else!  Uggggh.  We're hanging out inside today!  We might go to IKEA to play in the ball pit tomorrow and grab a quick lunch.  Wednesday is my friend's son's b-day so we're all going to do something fun, not sure what yet... Not sure about the end of the week, yet!
  • Only thing out of the ordinary is that we have Emily's 6 month well baby visit tomorrow.
  • imagelittlelamb99:

    Friday-D goes to Grandma's and I can get some personal time/mom time! 

    WAHOOOOO!!!!  :)

    My Week:

    Monday - Playdate this AM with a friend who just had her second baby; lunch with DH at 12:00PM and then, playtime here at home in the PM.

    Tuesday - I have MRI appointment at 8:30AM then, Library Story Time at 11:00AM

    Wednesday - Costco trip in the AM, Tumbling Class in the PM

    Thursday - Coffee playdate in the AM, Bunko in the PM for me!!!

    Friday - No plans just yet

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  • We have a weird week - usually DS goes to daycare Wednesday and Friday but it is "spring break" this week. So...

    Monday - gym in the morning, park, lunch out, nap, park, and grocery shopping

    Tuesday - with his BFF and a sitter from 9-12, afternoon playgroup

    Wednesday - gym, park,Children's Museum in afternoon

    Thursday - 2 year pedi appointment (we usually have gym class Thursday mornings), park, playgroup in the afternoon

    Friday - With a sitter from 9-12, park in the afternoon

    Pretty boring week for us, actually.

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  • Monday--just hanging out, we went to Target this morning


    Wednesday--1 year appt



  • Monday:  We met my sister for lunch and I cleaned the house and did laundry.

    Tuesday:  Going to the zoo with a friend and her baby.  Then I have the trainer at 4 and DH's mom will babysit

    Wed:  No Plans

    Thurs:  Trainer at 4 and my mom will babysit.  No plans before that, so probably a nice long walk outside if it is nice weather, and cleaning while DD naps.  I also need to read my book club book (Sense and Sensibility).

    Friday:  DH is working from home, so we'll probably have family time in between his conference calls.

  • Mon today Max has EI for speech and then grocery store

    Tues Play date w/ the boy's girlfriend

    Wed Story hour and the Sam has EI

    Thur Get ready for our trip, errands

    Fri Go away for the weekend to visit my grandparents

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  • Since Monday's almost gone, I'll start with Tues

     Tues:  Grocery shopping and hopefully get some scrapbooking in

    Wed: Our new entertainment center is getting delivered so I'm home for the day.

    Thurs: Mom's group and then having DH's coworker over for dinner

    Fri:  TGIF - nothing going on!

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