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How often do you vacation without the kids?

The other post got me thinking...just wondered how much everyone else travels without their little ones?

Re: How often do you vacation without the kids?

  • My DH would say, not enough!! ;) We haven't gone away without the kids since our trip in September, even for a weekend. We are going to see Chelsea Handler this weekend and staying overnight so I am really looking forward to that!

    We would go more often but have had family vacations and have had a million other things going on. We're also dependant on my mom and her schedule. While I love traveling with the kids and getting to watch them experience new places/things, I am all for traveling without them if given the opportunity!

  • So far, never. We have a couple of trips planned for this summer and she's coming with us.

    I think I might have been okay to leave her with my parents, or at least consider it. But DH knew he would miss her too much. ?

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  • Sadly, we haven't really had the opportunity to do much traveling sans kid.  My parents took care of her when I went to north carolina, but we didn't go anywhere when I got back; we just had a nice long week of sleeping in and relaxing without her around.  We might go away for the weekend when my parents have her again next month, but we haven't decided.  We're thinking of going to England next year for a friend's birthday, and if we do we're leaving her with my parents because there's no way I'm taking a 2year old on an 8hour plane ride. 
  • Never yet. I wish. No one to leave DS with so we can't. 

  • We haven't gone anywhere yet without ds. In August we are planning a weekend get away to Key West with another set of "new" parents. So DS will b almost 1.. We are leaving friday morning and coming home Sunday night. I can't wait...
  • Harldy ever, anymore.  No money, no vacation days at work, and nobody nearby to leave the kids with.


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  • we have done 3 trips in her 3 years without DD.  2 days at 9 months, 3 at 15 months, and a whole week last May.  My parents have come to our place and watched her every time.

    If my DH was home more (between work, school and work travel, we get VERY little couple time), I probably wouldn't need that much childfree travel.  But this is our only time to reconnect as a couple.

    I feel NO guilt.  Our DD doesn't even miss us when we are gone - she's having too much fun with her grandparents.

    We are actually taking her on our first non-family related vacation in a couple weeks and I'm hoping it all goes well ;)  We are working it around DH's business trip to Canada, so it will basically be a normal week of work for him, but DD and I will be able to go somewhere OTHER than our house.  THAT is exciting!

    I love childfree vacations, though - and childfree nights out.  Seriously, no guilt from me - everyone needs some time to recharge ther batteries.

  • So far, never. I BF and she refuses to take a bottle, so that will keep us from babyfree trips for a good while. I'm not ready to be away from her overnight yet anyway.
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  • Once every 10 years.  We went to Vegas with some friends to see them get married.  They are divorced now.  We almost went again this year because another friend just bought a winter home there.  Then we found out we were having another baby and had a ton of complications and stress.  I didn't feel like going.  DH said something about going in November.  I don't think so- our baby would be one month old!

    I have a hard time letting go.  Our kids have so much going on that I hardly trust anyone with their schedules.  It's confusing enough for me.  My mom picked up kids from school last week and I think she was more than a little frustrated.

  • Not often enough, I say!!!  :)

    My original, local Mom's group of 9 go on two trips every year with just us girls and they are heavenly to say the least!  The dads get to stay home and bond with baby and we get to sleep in, eat out, relax and paint the town red. ha!  We normally go to a Spa up in Napa/Calistoga/Tahoe in the Spring and travel out of state, normally to Vegas, in the fall.

    A trip with just my husband and I... never.  :(  We have no family here in CA so anytime they do visit we always want to spend time with them all together, you know?  But, we have a wedding down in Orange County in October, on my 30th birthday actually and my mom is flying here specifically to stay with Emily overnight so DH and I can have our first "trip" alone.  WE ARE STOKED!!!

    We have discussed taking a trip with just the two of us every year after Emily turns 5... we'll drop her off in Texas with my mom, spend 1 night and then, take off maybe never to return.  haha!  

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  • At least once a year...I would like to increase that, but it's a whole logistics challenge.  Dropping them off at inlaws in California is a 5 hour drive away, so then we'd leave from there.  We went to Santa Barbara and wine country a couple weeks ago for 5 days and 4 nights.  I would love to go for a full week to Hawaii this fall.  But in this economy, who wants to blow $3k on Hawaii?  Not us.
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  • NEVER! We are saving for a cruise next winter, that will be our first vaca without the kids....much needed!
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  • A few times a year - mostly weekends/long weekends. The longest thus far was a 4 day trip to Chicago last March, and in June DH and I are going to Paris for a week.

    I have a wonderful MIL who flies to us (we are in Boston, she is in Michigan) to watch DS  while we go places. It works well for all of us since she doesn't get to see DS more than every few months and loves spending the time with him.

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  • So far, never. In a few months I might be going to Niagara Falls and DD will stay overnight (first time!) with my mom. But DH won't even be going. We rarely vacation. When he's home, we like to spend time together.
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  • The last time we did was our honeymoon 8 years ago! (before kids). I'm thinking that maybe next year we'll go on another cruise. My goal is to go to Hawaii for our 10 year's coming up quicker than I had thought it would. Guess we'd better start saving.
  • DD is 15 months and we just took a vacation without her when she was almost 14 months.  We went on a short cruise (3 days) and left her at my parents house with my parents and DHs mom.  While we had a great time and knew it was something we needed to do for us, we probably won't do it again.  From now on, all vacations will be us as a family.
  • Together?  Never.  We just don't have the opportunity to do it.

    I just took a trip for a bachelorette party a week or so ago by myself.  That was the first time ever.

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  • Once a year for our anniversary. Either a short trip (2-3 nights away) or a long trip (4-5 nights) every summer.
  • We haven't been away overnight yet. I BF and DD did not take bottles too well. I also wasn't ready to leave her yet. We have a wedding in July where my parents are watching her while we live it up at the hotel.

    Also, we're buying our first house so money is tight. I don't forsee any trips/vacations for us or our whole family for a while.

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  • A few times a year. Usually 2 weekend trips and one week long trip without the kiddos. 
  • We have never vacationed without the kids.

     We will be taking our first "alone" vacation on November 28! I cannot wait!

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