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Jonah Martin is here, after a 16+hour long induction!

The big day started at 1:45am when I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm went off. I quickly jumped into the shower, and was very surprised at how calm I was. As soon as I got out, I called the hospital and they advised me to go ahead and come at my scheduled time of 3:30am. Mom and Joash got up and we got all our things together and headed to the hospital in my car. It was the weirdest thing on the way, because we did not see ONE car on our side of I-10 the entire way, which is usually swarmed with traffic. Upon arriving at the hospital, we checked in with Security who then sent us to Admitting to do paperwork. I was sent up to labor and delivery while Mom and Joash waited for me in the waiting room. My nurse was Amanda, who we were very pleased with, since her husband works with Joash at Garcia Roofing. She got my monitors, blood pressure pump and IV going and asked a million questions. She then checked to see if I was dilated and I was so excited because I was a 1-2, which meant I did that on my own!!! I was also contracting 1-3 minutes by myself, and I had no idea.

The pitocin started dripping at 4:40am. We were told that it would probably take me about 12 hours to deliver. I thought that would be an eternity! For the next 4 hours-Joash, Mom and I all just sat around watching tv, and trying to rest. I think those 2 got some cat naps, but I was far too anxious to sleep. At 8:55am, Dr. Lafranca came in to check me. I was a 2 and she also broke my water and put internal monitors on my cervix to better gage the contractions. Since the water was broken, I started to feel contractions becoming stronger at about 9:30am. Daddy finally came up to the hospital around that time.

I received the epidural at 11:45am, and I'm not going to lie, I completely freaked out. I was so nervous about them putting the needles and catheder in my spine. I was also upset because they sent Mom, Joash and Dad out of the room. The anesthesiologist was almost going to give up on me, and really had to coax me to be still and almost threaten to leave. My poor nurse holding me was mad because I had screamed in her ear, and I couldn't keep from crying. We finally got that finished and almost immediately I had relief from the contractions and my legs started to tingle. Everything was pretty much smooth sailing after that because of the epi. The nurse checked me again about 1:30p, and I was a 4-5 and she also administered a catheder. Two whole hours later, I was still a 5 and it was frustrating me because I didn't make much progress. The nurse, Heather, claimed that everytime she would try to turn the dosage up on the pitocin, my contractions would level out- which meant they weren't as strong as expected. She let me know that normal women have their drip on a 36 and I was on a 6, which was next to nothing- AND she had to keep turning it down to a 4. Therefore, I was pretty much laboring on my own.

Joash's family also arrived in the afternoon. His parents and brother Jorge and sister Briana all drove down from Orlando for the big event. I was so happy to see them! They all took turns coming in to see me while I was laboring. Illean said an awesome prayer over me and the baby for everything to be okay, and the contractions to increase. Well, her prayer pretty much did the trick because at about 5:15pm, I was an 8!!!! We were so excited!!! I was so tired because by that time, I already had been laboring for 12+ hours. Somewhere along the way, I had developed a fever and it was pretty high. I had to be given a penicillin drip and some Tylenol.

At 6:35pm my nurse Heather checked me one last time before she went off duty, and I was a 9-10. She said there was still some cervix left at the top, but it wouldn't be long. Emily had arrived and was visiting for a little bit and by the time the next nurse (Katherine) came in, she had to leave because it was time to push! I couldn't believe it. I was so nervous, and excited at the same time- but mostly scared out of my mind. Illean, my mom, and Joash got to all be in the room with me while I delivered. Katherine immediately tought me how to breathe, curl over, and push and got my legs up in the stirrups. It started way too fast! Mom was holding one leg, Joash the other, and Illean was helping support my shoulders. I started pushing about 7:15pm. When Dr. Lafranca came in to check the progress, she scared us because she said she would be back in about 40 mins. So the nurse and my "team" pushed until then, which seemed like a lifetime!!!! ( Oh, did I mention that the whole time I couldn't breathe out of my nose, and my acid reflux was gagging me with every push). LOVELY. Anyway, Dr. Lafranca FINALLY came back and she got her gear on, and was ready to help out. She discovered that Jonah was sunny side-up. That seriously was another terrifying moment because she had to manually rotate him inside of me all the way around. I could feel it, and it was the strangest thing. We then thought that she would have to use forceps because my pushing wasn't strong enough to have him come down as needed. Once I heard those words, I didn't care what it took- I was getting him out on my own!!!

So at 8:55pm, Jonah came into this world. He is absolutely beautiful, and I couldn't have asked for more. I love my life now as a new mommy. I want to thank my family and Joash's family for all their support this entire pregnancy. We love you!

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