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hi i was checking out your blog and was wondering if you could pls share your  morning juice recipe that you make for your dh and dd. my dd is 14 months and hardly eats ANY veggies so i am hoping to make some type of shake or juice to see if she will drink it. also what age did your dd start drinking it and did she take to it immediately? thanks so much!!

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  • Hi there!!!

    My husband actually bought Breville Juicer from Bed, Bath & Beyond 3 years ago and on 11.2.07, per Emily's baby journal, DH started giving it to her because she was begging for "daddy's juice".  :)  She was almost 14 months old so, the exact same age as your daughter!  Reading through her baby journal, I remembered that the reason we started the juice wasn't just because she was begging for it but because she, too began boycotting ALL veggies, even those she previously loved and we had some concerns over constipation (sorry if a bit TMI!).  I hope your daughter will drink it but if not, maybe google recipes for juice that use different fruits and veggies.  :)

    Here's my DH's recipe for morning juice and it makes 12oz: 4oz for Emily and 8oz for himself:

    2 large green apples with skin ON, quartered, seeds removed

    3 large carrots (peeled)

    4 Stalks of celery

    1 Cup-ish of broccoli crowns (not the stalk)

    1/2 Cup-ish of baby spinach leaves

    Per your juice machine's directions, feed the food through and then, stir the juice to combine when finished.


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  • thanks so much for the recipe!! i can't wait to try it out this week!! =) if dd drinks it i will be soooo happy and relieved. wish me luck and thanks again!
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