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Teegan's Birth Story!!

Before I forget I need to write out my birth story, so here it goes!  I had finally reached 39 weeks on Tuesday the 14th and was pretty much done with being pregnant.  I hadn?t been feeling anything like false labor so I figured I would go past my due date which was April the 21st.  On Thursday April 16th I had my 39 week appointment and up until then there had been no progress.  Right when I got to the doctor and got ready to do my urine test I noticed that some bloody mucus was starting to come out.  When the doctor checked me I was dilated 1 cm and was 50% effaced.  She went ahead and stripped my membranes to see if that would help move things along.  As soon as my appointment was done I was already feeling crampy and noticed that I was having brown discharge come out.  I didn?t want to get hopeful but I couldn?t help but wonder just a little.  Jimmy and I went to bed and around 3 am I started to get woken up by what felt like horrible period cramps.  They weren?t lasting long so we didn?t bother timing them but I noticed that they were starting up front and continuing into my lower back.  I got up and went to work that day which as it turns out was the start of a big spring winter snow storm.  It snowed off and on all day and my boss told me I could leave at 3 to beat some of the weather home.  I was still having the period type cramps and when I started timing them they were about 25-30 minutes apart and not too horrible but definitely weren?t comfy.  Just before I got off of work I went to the bathroom and my mucus plug came out and it was really bloody.  When this happened my cramps started to get a little worse and I noticed that I was leaking pink tinged discharge.  I called the doctors office to let them know what was going on and they decided to send me to the hospital just to get checked out and make sure my water hadn?t broken.  I called up Jimmy and told him to grab our hospital bag and bring Mom because I know she wanted to be involved.  We got to the hospital and I was hooked up to fetal monitors at 4 pm.  They couldn?t see any of my contractions on the printouts but the baby?s heart rate was doing fine.  When they checked me I was 2cm and 70% effaced.  They called my doctor to see if I could leave for the night but she wanted to keep me for a little bit since I had some progression from the day before.  They checked me again around 7 and I had only gone to 2.5 cm and the contractions were still about 20 minutes apart.  The nurse came back and told me my doctor wanted me admitted and they got me checked into my labor & delivery room around 730.  I was shocked I was staying.  Right away they told me they were going to break my water and start pitocin.  I told them I didn?t want that to happen as I wanted to go natural and my doctor knew that.  They let me labor it out for awhile by walking around and when we finally started timing my contractions they were starting to come between 5-7 minutes.  I was still talking and walking through all the contractions and they weren?t too bad.  Jimmy was great and helped me through each one.  Due to the snow storm my dad couldn?t make it there until 1130 after he picked up some items we had forgotten since we didn?t think we would be admitted.  Now this is where my memory on times gets a little hazy.  My bf got to the hospital at almost 12 and we were all just talking and hanging out in our room and the contractions were starting to get worse.  They had me hooked up to monitors while I bounced on the birthing ball and I noticed that it was getting painful to even sit on there.  When they checked me again I was still at 3 cm and already about 5 hours had past.  My contractions weren?t getting closer together but they were getting more painful and they went from being painful period cramps to a feeling that a knife was slicing across my thighs and uterus.  This was a pretty sudden change and it was taking my breath away.  I was still trying to labor natural for as long as I could.  I asked for an IV medication and they gave me Nubain, they didn?t tell me though that if I got more dosages they wouldn?t work as good as the first one.  Had I known this I would have tried to hold out longer without anything.  Around 230 I got up to go the bathroom and when I went to climb back in bed my water broke.  It made the contractions even harder and they started to come faster.  As much as I wanted to go natural I wasn?t progressing past 3 centimeters and I was already falling asleep between each contraction and was totally exhausted.  I finally talked to Jimmy about getting an epidural because of the lack of progress over 8 hours.  Around 330 am the anesthesiologist came and got me hooked up to the epidural.  He was great.  He got it in and set in about 3 minutes.  First try.  Around this same time they had given me an Ambien to get some sleep.  I was in and out of sleep talking with everyone in room and finally when I woke up around 630am I was already at a 7cm.  I kept hearing Jimmy and my BF talking about each contraction I was getting and how huge it was but I couldn?t feel anything.  I started to shake uncontrollably at this point, no one could get me to stop for anything.  I figured I was going through transition at this point and when they checked again half an hour later I was just a little more than 9cm.  At this point my epidural had worn off completely and I could feel everything.  The pain was pretty bad and even though they had two people come in to fix the dosage on my epidural it wasn?t helping at all.  Jimmy was standing next to my bed and I told him they needed to get the nurse over because I felt like I had to push.  The nurse came over and checked me and sure enough I was at a 10 and she started me doing some practice pushes.  Jimmy was a support on one side and the nurse was on the other side.  I held my legs behind my knees and curled over my tummy like the nurse told me too.  After about 5 or 6 pushes the doctor came in and the nurse yelled at me to stop.  I could feel the baby?s head and the doctor hadn?t gotten her scrubs on all the way yet.  Finally she told me to go ahead and one push later the baby?s head came out.  Everyone told me to look down but when I did I just couldn?t see anything.  I never felt the ring of fire, and after two more small pushes at 810 am the baby came out really fast.  Jimmy just started saying It?s a boy! It?s a boy!!  He watched the whole thing and was sooo excited to cut the cord.  He was supposed to help deliver but because I only pushed for 20 minutes he didn?t have a chance to.  They put our little boy on my chest and I got to hold him for about ten minutes until they took him to get weighed.  I had Jimmy follow to keep an eye on everything.  We had my mom and BF leave the room so it was just us and while I got stitched up we decided on the name Teegan Joseph.  I had two tiny tears and only needed 3 stitches.  I don?t really remember much from this point because the ambien had me more groggy than anything.  My MIL and Dad were out in the waiting room with my mom and BF and they left when they took Teegan to the nursery to get his bath.  At this time they just let me sleep in the delivery room as Jimmy had gone with Teegan when he got his bath and did his prints.  He came back to get me around 10 am when they moved us to our post partum room.  Teegan took a few days to get his latch down and it took me three and a half days for my milk to come in and i'm still having a hard time feeding.  I am seeing a lactation specialist next week to help.  He has been a little jaundice but they said it wasn?t too bad and he should be good until his appointment on Friday morning.  I am totally in love and never thought I would give up anything in this world to make sure he is happy and healthy.  I actually look back on the whole labor process fondly as I had a great support system and Jimmy was wonderful. 

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