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Induction turned C-Section - Gavin's birth story

Sorry this is LONG - thought I would put it together whilemy Gavin is sleeping.

At my 41 week 1 day appt Thursday, April 15, I still hadmade no progress. The plan was to be admitted to L&D that evening forcervidil and pitocin to follow in the morning.

I get checked in at 6:30 and the nurse gets me hooked up thefetal monitor and they inserted the cervidil.  As the night progressed I had some minor cramping ? mindyou, I never have cramping when I?m getting my period so I would say this musthave been similar to annoying period cramps.  Nothing too unpleasant.  Sleep was a challenge that night because the L&D bedsare sectioned and ridiculously uncomfortable, but I didn?t really want to beall doped up so I declined any meds to help me sleep.

 The next morning they took the cervidil out and I was only a fingertip dilated and 50% effaced, -3 station. So not a ton of progress at all. My doctor and I had discussed the plan for Friday and because it neverreally seemed like my body was ?ready? for labor and a vaginal birth, we would proceed through the doses of pitocin and if nothing happened Friday we wouldn?t continue into Saturday. 

They started the pitocin which did cause contractions, but they were only moderately more uncomfortable than the cramping the nightbefore. They nurses kept asking if I was ready for the epi because I was on the max dose ? no one believed me that my pain was minimal.  Needless to say, the pitocin did nothing and we decided to do a c-section.

The spinal was a piece of cake ? I was scared shiitless but the anesthesiologist was AWESOME and kept me calm through the whole procedure.  I had no idea the surgery had even started until I asked.

At 7:10 pm our little boy was born and was absolutely perfect. Breast feeding was kind of a nightmare - we had some issues with latching (flat nipples + tongue-tied baby=  bfing is no picnic) and he lost a lot of weight causing us to have to supplement. We worked with the LC?s a lot in hospital but once I got home it was easier to pump and he?s back up to his birth weight and eating like crazy!

My recovery has been pretty easy, didn't really need to much pain meds, just motrin or ibuprofen. The c-section really wasn't bad at all. We're so glad to be home now and we can't imagine life without him!

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