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OK ladies

Here's a useless one...nice and light on the brain and the emotions :)

"What 3 items in your closet could you currently not live without?"

Re: GTKYF - closet items

  • My White House Black Market dress that I feel adorable in, white linen skirt, and good pair of jeans.
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  • Shoes, fav jeans and ummmm hangers..LOL
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  • my flip flops, Lucky jeans and my strapless white dress - but I'd never wear them together!
  • My CK skinny jeans. I could sleep in them. I put them on this morning and said, "ahhhhhhhh".

    My blue converse sneakers. I don't know what I did without them all these years

    OK, it's not in my closet but my dresser. It's an apple green turtleneck that I wear all.the.time.

  • imagekirstenw05:
    my flip flops, Lucky jeans and my strapless white dress - but I'd never wear them together!

     Oh come on!!! You'd be purdy!!!  :)

  • 1. My stepstool. Being five foot, i can never reach the top, let alone anything else in the house with out my stool.

    2. Flip flops.

    3. My sweatshirts that are soooo comfy :)

  • Hudson Jeans, Black heeled boots....but those might have to be exchanged for black flip flops soon and all my purses.
  • Flip flops, lucky jeans, and my new organic cotton tshirt--it is soo soft!
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  • Right now- 

    A fabulous bohemian pink and orange blouse that I got for a steal while in MN in February.  Love Off Saks!

    A new white suit which looks very springy for work meetings

    My go-to Ecco heels.  Basic black w/a tiny bow but they are the sort of heels you can walk a mile in and never once look back.   


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  • I just realized I didn't answer my own question.  For me right now it would be my skinny jeans, my white pointy toed heels and a fabulous hip length trench my DH just bought me...I wouldn't have  purse if I stuck to 3

  • hmm... my new privo ever-so-comfy shoes, pajama pants (any 1 out of the huge pile would do), and a hoodie (again, any out of the pile, lol)
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