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In a funk regarding weight gain. :(

Went to my bi-weekly appt yesterday and I gained 6lbs in 2 weeks. How is that even possible? I freaked out and ending up balling my eyes out all the way home. I didn't lose the last 10lbs before I got preggo again and I am up 38lbs with this pregnancy with 5 weeks to go.

It is so depressing because I am going to have lose like 60lbs to get back down to a healthy weight for my size. I have only myself to blame since I gave into my cravings this time and wasn't as active as when I was when pregnant with DD. Please tell me somebody else can empathize with me?

 It seems most of my friends say they gained 20-25lbs or they lost all their weight very fast. I must not have good genetics since my weight last time did not come off like it seems every other person that was pregnant did. Sigh. 

Re: In a funk regarding weight gain. :(

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    I gained a ridiculous amount of weight while pregnant.  I try to say that it was because I was on restricted activity, but really in the beginning I couldn't hardly eat anything, so when I was able to eat, I did.  I have 40 to lose to get down to pre-pregnancy, plus more if I want to approach my happy weight.  sigh. 

    When I complain, my husband says "Would you give back our baby to have your body back?, then don't complain".  It doesn't 100% work, but no, I choose my baby over my body, though I'd like to have both!  Smile

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    I can definitely empathize!  I've only had one pregnancy, but I gained 45 lbs  and I was a bit overweight to begin with ( I was over 200lbs when I went in for my c/s).  I've only lost 25 lbs so far, so I feel like I have at least 30 more to go until I will be comfortable with my body.  I'm still not in my pre-pg clothes...and it makes me so angry to think about this with summer just around the corner.  I look at myself in the mirror and am disgusted with the way that I look.  I think one of the biggest challenges for me right now is that I am a total stress eater...and I have been so stressed both at work and at home lately that I snack like nobody's business. 

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    I would not worry about it.  I know it is easier said then done!  I gained 38lbs with DS and I am small to begin with.  The dr said that for being little he would not be surprised if I only gained 25lbs, well, I went way over that.  Luckily I dropped it all before getting pregnant again but I am gaining much faster all of a sudden (8lbs between 12wk appt and 16wk appt).  I am only up 6 since I lost in the beginning but it is still stressful.  Unfortunately as a woman we worry about our bodies and during pregnancy, that is not the time to worry.  I would not worry right now sweetie.  Gotta love being a pregnant woman, LOL!  There are plenty of us who gained more than 20lbs in our pregnancies unlike your friends (wish I was them too)!
    Our kids are 19mths apart and we LOVE it!!

    Married to my BFF on 8.13.05 (after dating 5 years)!

    DS born 2.14.08. DD born 9.30.09.

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    I love what tiffyr0se's H says!  That is such a great way to look at things.  Don't get down on yourself about the weight.  If you and the baby are healthy, that is ALL that matters!  Seriously.  You can slowly work on your weight after you recover from childbirth.  The more you focus on it, the more miserable you will be. Everyone is differnt, and if you aren't a twig going into pregnancy, you tend to take a little more time to shed the weight after the baby is born.  Above all else, I hope you can just focus on being healthy and bringing your precious baby into the world.  You will be fine.  (((hugs)))
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    Awww...stop worrying about it! I know, easier said than done. I gained way more than I should have with both of my pregnancies - close to 50 lbs each time. The weight came off easy with Piper, but then within a couple months time I weaned her and got pregnant again, and I just ballooned. Even though I knew I was pregnant I was still mad at myself (yet I pretty much continued to eat whatever I want.) I'm having a much harder time losing the weight this time. I'm seriously scared to see what will happen when I stop BF.

    You're not alone!

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    Thanks for sharing - sometimes I feel silly knowing I'm pregnant and should just accept my body as it is currently - but since I've gained 35 lbs I feel scared about loosing the weight and all in all funky and very not sexy.  

    I try reminding myself that even if I don't loose the weight, that no matter what size I am - as long as I can accept who i am - then I can be a good example to DD as she grows.   It works to soothe my mind some days. 

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    I totally feel your pain..... Right there with ya.

     And it is REALLY annoying to hear everyone say they only gained *20-25lbs*....  IRL and also on the 2nd and 3rd tri boards. And you know what??? I call BULL SHIIT. I think there are some rare women that are just teeny and will only gain a little because they have incredible genetics. I think the general population gains at least 40lbs. But somehow saying they aren't/haven't makes them feel better. I just don't believe most of them.

    And knowing that makes ME feel better  Big Smile

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