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Need more advice re: daycare

Since I'm on the hunt for a new place for Justin, I need your help with a couple things.

First, I am most likely going to go the route of a center again.  At his age, I think he needs the structure of regular activities that a center provides.  Even with all of the troubles in the past year, he has thrived from a cognitive and developmental perspective.  As I search for another center, do you think I should mention that he has had trouble with biting in the past and get an understanding of their policies, and make sure they will work with us on helping him through it?  The biggest thing I'm worried about is that he will go someplace else and get kicked out for the same thing.  I don't want to go through this again, so I don't know if the best policy is full disclosure, or if I need to keep my mouth shut on the reason for him leaving his current situation.

Second, searching for daycare for an almost two year old sure is different than searching for care for an infant.  Does anyone have a list of suggested questions I can ask when I interview new places?  Most of the questions I asked the first time around centered around an infant and I can't wrap my mind around all the things I need to ask this time.  If you want, you can email me at sistrkate at yahoo.

Thanks everyone.

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Re: Need more advice re: daycare

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    I don't know much about daycares but if it were me I would disclose the previous problem just so you can find out in depth how they regard the situation and just so you know you have all of your bases covered.

    I wish you lots of luck in the search for Justin and just know things will work out for you, I'll keep you in my thoughts

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    I would absolutely tell them about the biting. Not so much as a warning "my kid is a biter" but rather in the frame of "Justin has been in a bit of a biting phase, and his previous center handed it poorly and didn't have the inclination to work with us on this issue - do you have any kind of procedure or plan for toddlers who are "biters"?" I think it's very important that you find somewhere that's better equipped to handle this issue than your previous place was - for everyone's sake, but mostly Justin's.

    I don't have really have a list of questions to share, I just kind of made them up as I went ;-) We only visited three centers and it wasn't a close race - for us, I knew pretty quickly which place was the right choice (and DH completely agreed.) I made sure to ask about who provides food/drink, naptime/procedure, sick policy (I wanted to make sure we wouldn't be called for every runny nose), daily schedule, disciplinary procedures. I really had waaay more questions pertaining to Kady than Piper, though.

    Good Luck Katie!

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    I agree with Alison about the way to disclose Justin's biting at the last center just so you can find out what kind of plans they would have if this happened so you can determine if that is the right place for him.

    For questions, we asked similar one like food/drinks, naptime, what kind of activities DD would get to do, schedule, etc. They actually gave us a pretty comprehensive guide when we were looking at the center that went over all their policies and procedures plus what we needed to bring/provide, etc. We had to fill out a lot of forms too which I thought was great that they asked all of that information. They also had a great security there too with a keypad that DH and I have access to and a computer system when checking DD in and out.

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    Katie, I am so sorry to hear about this!  I just got on and just seen your original post!!!  But I would also tell them upfront and ask point blank how they handle it, because obviously your last center thinks Toddlers are adults and know not to bite.  (Can you tell I find your last center utterly rediculous?!?!)  Good luck!!!  I am sure it will be a good thing for Justin though!
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    In addition to some of the previous posters suggestions, I'd want to know:

    Do they participate in the Step Up to Quality childcare rating system?

    What curriculum is used and are the week's activities/lesson plans posted in the room for parents review?

    How do you communicate with parents and how can parents communicate with you?
    What kind of continuing education do your teachers participate in? What is their level of education?

    Discipline policy

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