Secondary IF

FET here we come... a few months!  LOL

I met with the RE yesterday and our tentative date is set for sept 4th....a little bit away...(didnt want to be in a 2 around DD birthday)

but there is so much to do to prepare to keep me busy.  I have to have my CD3 b/w and u/s and SHG sometime in the next week or two.  AF is playing games right now...a spot here and there....just freakin' come already.  Though i can't be that upset.  This is the first time i may actually not need provera!

I may need another hysteroscopy after that, and then i think i start BCPs in July.

Must admit there was a little shell shock going to the REs office again, but i was much more relaxed this time knowing what to expect:)

Re: FET here we come...

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