A big week in our household!

Well this has been a very eventful week (all for the good of course!) in our household! 

Last week, after two grueling, stressful and overwhelming years, I finally put in my two week notice at my job.  DH didn't want us to start the process of foster care to adopt with me working there. They are not family friendly, nor do I have a healthy home/work balance with that position.   So I did that last Monday. 

Then, last week we filled out our (second) foster care to adopt application which was more detailed than the first agency we orginally started with. 

This weekend, we needed to ask a few people for references, so we just decided to start telling people, since everyone would find out eventually.  This was the step we were uneasy about, sharing our plans to do foster care, and then eventually adopt.  That was a huge step since we tend to be fairly private people...we were SUPER NERVOUS about how people would respond.  Nothing but positive support from family and friends! In fact, after we talked to my mom, (She of course told any and everyone around her) and one of her friends offered to be a reference for us if we needed one! 

Today, we finally mailed off the application! And we did all of this, while installing a fan in our house this weekend. Craziness. 

 Anyways, just thought i'd share my good news :)

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