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Fontina Cheese

I just ate white pizza with fontina cheese at an Italian place. After lunch, it occurred to me that fontina cheese is usually unpasteurized. So with that said, have you all eaten fontina cheese while pregnant? I must say, this pizza was damn good! But I am curious if it is safe to eat while pregnant. I have read mixed reviews online.?

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  • question, was this cooked cheese on a pizza? 

    I wish i could be this careful or worried about what i ate and did. 

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  • It is a soft cheese, but if it was on pizza it was probably in a 600 degree oven, so I wouldn't worry.
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  • We own an Italian restaurant (well.... DH does...) and, unless they are getting their cheese from some small specialized vendor on a small farm somewhere, I imagine it is pasturized. Almost everything that comes in to a restaurant is. The big companies that distribute that stuff usually don't distribute unpasturized cheese. Our state is even thinking about having us buy giant vats of pasturized eggs. Can you imagine! Pasturized eggs in gallon jugs.
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  • I think the cheese they order is pasturized.  That pizza sounds so good right now.

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  • Thanks, ladies. Yeah, my curiosity didn't stop me from enjoying every bite of it. It was so delicious with fresh garlic on it. YUM! Good thing we have left overs in the frisge right now :) There are so many rules on what not to eat and what not to do, it is too hard to even know them all!?

  • I made a tomato tart for an appetizer the other night, and it called for Fontina cheese. Every package of Fontina cheese I found was pasteurized, so I think you'd be hard pressed to find an unpasteurized one unless the restaurant uses some specialty cheeses from a local farm or something. Besides, it was melted. So no bacteria.
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