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Charters... Question for you?

So, I've been charting a couple months and it looks like my LP isn't very long 10 or so days (about the same when I was charting with DD #1).  I typically see a gradual dip in my temp starting around 6DPO and then a major one the night before AF arives.

My question: when do you typically see your temp drop for AF (DPO??)  and is it all of a sudden or gradual.

I'm probably just getting my hopes up but it looks like me temp is still rising at 9dpo. Keeping fingers crossed for a BFP but it seems promising... I'll remain optimistic! Big Smile

Re: Charters... Question for you?

  • Mine is a sudden drop, and sometimes not unitl CD 2.
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  • I usually see a gradual drop begin 1-3 days before AF
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  • Mine usually drastically drops the day of AF, though this month it was the day before.
  • I would try to get that pattern evaluated. A 10 day LP is on the short side and if you are seeing a dip as early as 6 dpo that could signal a progesterone problem (as I am sure you already know).

    My temp dips about 12 dpo and then suddenly drops when AF starts around 13-14  dpo. I have a 2nd drop after AF is over.

    Good luck! 


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