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Home birth of Charlie-first baby

I have been reading everyone else's stories throughout my pregnancy to keep my self inspired so here's mine.  Hope it inspires some of you out there deciding on home birth or to go drug free.......

I went into labor last Sunday night April 12th -40 weeks and 3 days edd.  I had been having Braxton Hicks all afternoon which was a little unusal cause they kept coming one after another.  I kinda had a feeling something was up.  My husband and I went for a walk and worked on a puzzle....We started timing the ctx and they were all over the place. I went to the bathroom and there was a little blood.   So we called our midwife the tell her that  I thought I was in early labor.  She told me to get a glass of wine, take a bath, and go to bed....we were going to need our rest.  

My husband brought up a glass of wine, we toasted to our new baby, and my water broke!! It was like out of a movie...too funny, it was 8:30 pm.  So we called the midwife to let her know, I got in the bath and the ctx started.  At 10 I was out of the tub having ctx 2 minutes apart- and not having fun.  I told my husband that we should call the midwife back, she wanted us to call her when they were 5 mintues apart and these were 2 apart on the dot!!! Midwife came over about 10 pm and checked me,  I was not fully effaced and only 1 cm dialated....She stayed because my contractions were so close together, she didn't want to leave.  She went to sleep in our spare bedroom and was going to check on us in 3 hours. 

For the next 3 hours my husband and I worked on the ctx in our bed with the lights off.  All I wanted was for him to rub my back....poor hubby...he was so tired he would fall asleep in between ctx.  I thought he was rubbing my back so hard but later he told me he was just rubbing my back with 2 fingers!  I thought my skin was rubbing off!  The midwife came back and checked me, I was 2 1/2 cm and fully effaced.  She told me to get in the tub to slow things down and she would check on me again in 3 hours.  She told my husband to get some rest too, so they went to bed while I was in the zone working on the contractions in the tub.  The ctx may have slowed a bit in the tub, I had no concept of time in there.  The ctx got so strong.  I would ride the wave in my mind.....reach the peak...and come down.  Some ctx I thought would never end or I thought they couldn't get any stronger, and they would!  It was so hard, but I kept my focus of one ctx at a time.  I knew it was early when I started to hear birds chirping and see the sun come up! My husband came in to check on me and I didn't want him to talk to me or touch me....I told him I couldn't do it anymore.  I told him I wanted drugs....He reassured me.......the midwife then came in and wanted to check me.   It took me about 30 minutes to get from my bathtub to the bed! Hello transition!  I was so scared for her to check me, if she siad I was only 3 I would die...I couldnt do it anymore!!!  But she checked me and I was 8cm!!!  Thank God!  I was in transition for 45 minutes then......this was the hardest part...... She checked me and I was good to go to push...well except for a little lip of cervix....She pushed it back- OUCH!!!!  Then I got to start pushing! It felt so good to push finally.  I pushed on the bed leaning againist my husband, my mom holding on leg and the assistant holding the other.  I pushed for an hour and 45 mintues.  I did not feel any pain in pushing or when the head came out.....just extreme pressure. Charlie was born at  9:43 on April 13th....Same birthday as me! and within 14 minutes of each other!!!  I had a second degree tear and needed 8 stiches. 

I was so sore the first 2 days after delivery.  My whole body was sore from pushing---legs, arms...everything.  I am still recovering but feel better everyday and our little boy is precious!

I am so proud of myself for going all natural.  It was the hardest thing I have ever done but so worth every painful ctx.  We are so blessed.

Re: Home birth of Charlie-first baby

  • Congrats!! You are a real trooper!!!!!
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  • I also had a homebirth and I'm so happy to read other's here who shared the same kind of experience!  Wasn't it amazing to have the baby come out in your own bed and to just snuggle in as a family and not have to go anywhere?  Awesome!  Congratulations and happy birthday- to both of you!  Goind natural is hard, hard, hard work...but so rewarding!  I look forward to having another homebirth one day (hopefully)!
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  • Congratulations!!! That sounds like a perfect and peaceful birth. I also had a homebirth, and while it was intense it was the best thing ever!
  • Congrats!  I don't think I could ever do a drug-free birth (although you never know!) but it sounds like you had a pretty good experience! pushed for quite awhile...did it FEEL like a long time, or did the time fly by?  I'm nervous about the length of time pushing!

    Also...I was born on my mom's birthday :)  It's awesome! 

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  • I honestly had no concept of time while in labor or pushing.  I knew I had been pushing for awhile but I never would have guessed almost 2 hours.  Don't be afraid of pushing, by that point you will be so ready to see your baby and ready for the labor to be over. 
  • Congrats! what a beautiful birth story!
  • congrats!  i want a natural birth but i am afraid i will have to be induced, and then one thing will lead to another...
  • Congrats!  Great story.

  • Congrats!!
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