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Who was your wedding photographer?

Flashback to Knottie vendor reviews!! 

If you got married in/around NOLA, who was your wedding photographer. What did you like about them? What didn't you like?

I used Photography by Louis. I loved everything..he was nice and it didn't take forever to do family pics- plus the pictures turned out great. (I'm probably biased because I worked for him though, haha).

Re: Who was your wedding photographer?

  • sandra o'claire of eau claire photographics did my wedding. loved the pictures, love her. :) she took pictures of my boys recently too. :)
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  • Matt Foster did our engagement pictures, our wedding and out post-wedding pictures.  Loved them all and loved him.  There wasn't anything that we were unhappy about.  :)
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  • Sonny Randon. I liked him a lot, I felt that he took a lot of pictures in addition to the typical posed ones.


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  • Meg and Charles Baisden out of Pensacola. They are awesome!!!  They've done a lot of weddings in New Orleans since ours and they now consider NOLA to be one of their bigger markets.  They are not only super talented photographers, but they are wonderful people as well.  :)
  • Matt Foster and Sam Gregory for our wedding day.

    Matt Foster for our e-pics.

    We LOVED our pics, so happy with our choice!!!

  • John Alwert, he was very reasonable in price.  Took a lot of pictures very quickly.  He was great with everyone getting them to smile and in place.  He took so many wedding pictures that we had 2 albums and he didn't charge us anything extra at all.
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