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xp: "Mommy, will you hold my penis?"

DH decided it would be fun to teach Dylan how to pee standing up this weekend.

I personally would have preferred that he peed sitting down until he left for college.

I was putting Jace in the tub last night and had my back to Dylan.

Next thing I know I hear: ?"Mommy, will you hold my penis?"?from behind me.

Just what every mother wants to hear her son say, right?

I turn around and he's completely undressed himself and is standing on the stool ready to "fire" on the toilet and is wanting help.


Ahhh the joys of boys!

?Just thought some of you might like to see a glimpse into what may lie ahead for you!

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Re: xp: "Mommy, will you hold my penis?"

  • Yay another reason to be thankful for my girl.  :)

    Funny Funny story!

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  • lol, too funny.
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  • Lil J says this to me to when he uses the potty.  But better yet, he now knows that boys have a penis and girls do not.  So, he now goes up to whatever guy is around and asks "[insert name], you have a penis??"
  • Not only is the title awesome, the whole story is great!! I would want to teach him sitting down, too!
  • And what you can do except roll your eyes a little and say "sure honey.  i'll hold your penis."  LOL!!

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  • Oh joy :) Hey at least that's a good story to humiliate him with on his wedding day!
  • LOL thanks for the glimpse of what to look forward to!
  • LOL!!!  Thanks for the much needed laugh!

  • OMG the same things happen to me!!!!! Max still pees sitting down, but he often, often asks me to "help me push my penis down... push it DOWN momma!!!!"

    Too funny.

  • Oh boy lol...I have only known "girl stuff" my whole life - now with having a little boy on the way I told DH I'm sort of intimidated with all the penis talk and what not lol...should be an adventure to say the least!
  • Oh visions of my future!!! My DH will probably want to teach him to pee standing up as well. What mommies will do for their little boys.
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  • hahahaha....that is HILARIOUS. I can't wait to share this story with my DH...thankfully we (right now at least) have girls! :)
  • Lol, I love how you started the story with "DH and I thought it would be fun..." For some reason, this just cracked me up. 
  • This is hilarious!  FWIW- DH was taught to pee sitting down and still to this day sits when he pees (unless he is in a public restroom).  I have very, very clean toilets if you know what I mean and because of this, I totally plan on teaching Patrick to sit and pee.  I HATE cleaning little boy pee on toilets (and I really hate cleaning big man pee on toilets too!)
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  • Oh, I'm so happy I'm having a girl.  Not that I don't want a boy too but I think I would like to get most of my first time parent lessons with my sweet little girl before I have to deal with circumcisions, infant erections and holding my son's penis ; )

    God bless you ; )

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