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anyone have an induction VBAC

I am trying for a VBAC and had to schedule my c/s for a week after my due date.  I really want to try for a VBAC, so I will ask if I can be induced before the c/s.  I was told they can induce but only if the cervix is ready

Re: anyone have an induction VBAC

  • Well, not to be a downer, but I've heard that induction for a VBAC dramatically raises the risk of a uterine rupture. Like it goes from under a 1% chance to a 10% chance. Even on the really crunchy, pro-VBAC forums like the Mothering VBAC forum everyone seemed pretty much in agreement that a repeat c/s would be better than being induced for a VBAC.

    I know that you would probably feel awful to have to do a c/s after what I'm sure has been a lot of preparation for a VBAC. And really, it's your decision. Make sure to try all the "non medical" methods of induction of, walking, etc. Hopefully you won't even have to make that choice!

    (Disclaimer: I am only preparing for a VBAC, I haven't had one. Feel free to disregard everything I've said, it's not from personal experience, just from my research)

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  • My doctor will not induce a VBAC, for the reason the the PP stated. I figure that a VBAC is a long shot anyway, so I'm going to wait and see what happens. My only hope it to go into labor on my own, before my due date. Since I have gestational diabetes, my doc will want this baby out before my due date.

    Good luck to you.

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  • PP's are right! My doc said if I do end up with an epidural, most likely it'll become a c-section. He also said no to any other induction meds. I am also just preparing for a VBAC. Goodluck to you ladies..
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    I have not heard anything about not being allowed to have an epidural.  Do you mean pitocin?  I know that you cannot get induced with pitocin if you are trying a VBAC for the reasons that the above poster mentioned.
  • I guess my first question is what was the reason for your initial c-section?  Did you progress to 10 on your own then?  I did and so my midwives were open to the idea of augmenting labor if I was favorable but we couldn't get active labor started.  Here's the outline:

    I was 3cms & effacing starting about 37 weeks.  (With DS, I went a week late.)  Membranes were stripped each week starting 38 weeks.

    I was checked at 1 week overdue after a clear u/s & NST and was still 3cms, 80%- they stripped my membranes again.  My doula got me some herbal remedy to help get actual contractions starting after Black Cohosh tincture didn't do anything (as well as every other idea out there).  I was only give 3 more days by my midwife to go in to labor on my own until they would bring me in to c-section me.  I asked if we could instead bring me in, break my water & see what happened, then she added that if I was having ANY contractions already, they could give me some Pit (not ideal, but not a repeat c-section either) and just monitoring me closely.

    The remedy (plus sex, nipple stimulation, praying & spicy chicken sandwich from Wendys or some combo of everything I was trying) did the trick and labor started the next morning. DD was born med-free that afternoon- I was 8-9 when I got to the hospital. :)

  • I had a c-section with my first, followed by 2 VBACS and another c-section with my 4th.  I was induced with my third, but they might have been more likely to do that since I had already had one succcessful VBAC.  My dr. was very clear that if they were to even consider inducing, I would have to be effacing, etc. on my own first.

    If I remember correctly, inducing doesn't increase your risk to 10%, but it does increase the risk of uterine rupture.  I agree with PP who wanted to know why you had your first c-section.  I know my dr. took that into consideration as well.

     I would HIGHLY recommend trying for a VBAC, even if it means going over 1 week late.  From what I've read, going past 1 week late doesn't really increase chances of uterine rupture that much.  I don't think it increases it even as much a induction does.

    One thing you really need to consider is whether you want to have more kids or more kids or not.  My husband and I would love to have more kids.  Unfortunately, I'm faced with (most-likely) a third c-section with this child.  I can't stop looking to the past and regretting my second c-section.  The risk increases (not just of rupture) so much more after the second, third, etc. c-sections.

    Do some research on-line and be completely open with your dr. about your desires.  Don't be afraid to tell the dr. what you want.  It might not work out the way you want, but at least you won't have the regret that you didn't make your desires clear.

  • Also, talk to your doctor about Evening Primrose Oil.  I never was an herbal-type person before this pregnancy.  But my desire to have another VBAC is so strong that I'm willing to try things (that are clearly safe for the baby) that I would not have before.  Evening Primrose Oil is supposed to be a natural prostaglandin and is said to help your cervix get ready.  Since it's herbal, the FDA doesn't support, or deny, its claims.  But I asked my OB and he said I could try it.

     Also, another thing I've tried is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.  It's supposed to strengthen you uterus.  I figure it'll just make things less risky if it works.

     Good luck.

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