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Bugaboo Warehouse Sale

If anyone is thinking of buying a Bugaboo stroller...great deal!


Re: Bugaboo Warehouse Sale

  • Wow, thanks for the heads up!  I live in Playa del Rey, so that's pretty close.  Awesome!
  • OOOHHHH!!!!  I may consider it now!
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  • im thinking of flying down but called the company and they said they expect people to line up as early as 5am. I'm contemplating it still
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  • Camping out the night before- would that be overkill? ;)
  • I showed up this morning around 11am and the guy said it was about an hour wait to get inside!  Thought about it for a while, then finally said forget it, I'll just stick with my Chicco Cortino Travel System on my registry Confused   

    Anyone go and have any luck?  Everyone I saw exiting were empty-handed....

  • I got there are 3 o'clock..no line and I was able to get the Bee in the color I wanted and a couple of cup holders.  They only thing I wasn't able to score was the foot board attachment for my other Bugaboo, but according to the gal that helped me out, that was the first thing they ran out of.
  • Orangeruffles,


    How much did you score your Bee for?  Just wondering if it was a huge discount. 



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