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I debated about posting my birth story, but decided that if it helps one person with preeclampsia be more educated than it is worth sharing the horror.

At 34 weeks my BP started creeping up and I got trace amounts of protein in my urine.  I did a 24 hour urine catch and it was fine, so I was on the "watch list".  Accordign to my OB, I was immediate danger, but as the weeks went on the BP rose, the protein levels rose, and my platelets dropped.  At my 37 week appointment my OB called it - time to go to the hospital and be induced - I was full term and baby would be better outside the womb and I would be delivering.  I never sensed any immediate danger to my health or the baby.

I was given 2 doses of cytotec to thin my cervix overnight - only progressed to 1 cm.  In the AM they started the pitocin and magnesium sulfate (to stop any seizures in the preeclamptic patient).  The mag made me feel HORRIBLE! and the pitocin contractions were HARD to bear.  7 hours after starting pitocin and mag I was still 1 cm!  Discouraging. We decided to try and epidural and really push the pitocin.

This is where it all went bad and FAST!  The epidural had to be attempted more than once, as the first time he got a bloody tap.  Once in and started my BP dropped, I started vomiting, and they could not get a heart rate on the baby.  Once we were stabilized we opted for a C-section than to continue.  C-section was fine, she arrived screaming and with an Apgar of 9/9 and off DH went with her to the nursery.  As they were finishing up with me, I could tell it was taking too long.  I started feeling more than just pressure too.  Apparently due to my low platelets they could not stop the bleeding.  I was then put under general anesthesia so they could get things under control.

 A few hours later I saw my beautiful little girl :)  As the days progressed I felt great.  Glad to have the mag stopped 24 hours after delivery!  That night I woke with excruciating head/neck pain - like nothing I've ever experienced!  It was horrific.  It was a spinal headche - spinal fluid was leaking from where he got the bloody tap and therefore the spinal fluid was not coating my brain.  8 hours later I got a blood tap where they took my blood and put it in the epidural space to stop the leak.  Worked well!  and I was finally able to enjoy my LO and go home.

 Once home the headache came back and off to the ER we went for another blood patch.  Apparently, the Motrin I was taking for pain may have thinned out the first blood ptach. This second one did not work as well, but did take the edge off.  I was told to rest and drink a lot of caffeine (it helps to regenerate the spinal fluid).

So, all in all, my LO's birth was nothing like I imagined, but she is here and we are both happy and healthy.  If you are diagnosed with pre-eclampsia do your research and know what it all means.  I really did not do this, as with pre-e you are not very symptomatic and therefore, I did not realize how serious this was - especially the low platelet aspect.

Re: Induction/pre-eclampsia

  • Thankyou for the educational birth story! Glad to hear you both are doing well.
  • Thank you so much for posting this.  I am hypertensive, and I'm trying to do all the research I can to learn more about this.
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  • Oh and I'm really glad that everything worked out. =)
  • Wow. Scary. I had PE and HELLP with my first. Good for you for sharing.
  • I appreciate that you posted this! This was really helpful to me, as I currently have preeclampsia. The docs are watching my labs very close and I've been told that I would have to be induced. So I've been looking for success stories like your own where baby turned out fine. I'm sorry you had bleeding issues afterwards, but I'm really glad everything is ok now!
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