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Natural quick Birth story LONG

As you ladies know I was in and out of the hospital and then put on bed rest at 33 weeks and 3days..Ok so I went to the hospital again friday morning for uncomfortable but tolerable contractions...alot of pressure..So we get there and my MW says well you haven't progressed just go home and relax they should go away..Well I get home and I have contractions for the rest of the day...keep in mind not comfortable..

I go to bed and I wake up Saturday EARLY morning at like 2:30 am with very uncomfortable contractions...I wait and wait and they are every five minutes I wait thinking they will go away. At 4 am I am climbing the walls and squiming all over the bed! My cats took off thinking what the hell is going on...I am squeezing my DH leg and uncontrolably growning....

I finally called the MW at 6 am..She says "take a bath and call me back." I was like ok so I get in the shower and lay down and let the water hit me and let the tub fill up...Meanwhile I am VERY uncomfotable...My husband is pouring water into my mouth because I just couldnt move.

So I get out after about 40 mins in the tub..I went to sit on the toilet and My plug started coming out..I say OH *** husband runs in and says "WHAT WHAT!" I said my plug is coming out oh no! He looks and see's it floating in the toilet and on the TP and says "Oh GOD that is nasty"

Thanks honey!! Well I called the MW and she said come in. I get there at 9 am...She checks me at 930 am and says "OH WE ARE HAVING A BABY TODAY!" I was shocked! She says you 6 cm and ready to have a baby! I had such bad back pain I had to hold my back at every contraction..Well I told her no drugs and she was like if you came in at 6 cm this is the worst of it! So in about a hour I was 8 cm and progressing..She says We are going to have a baby in a HOUR! Look at the clock and it was 1130am and I couldnt believe it.... Well She gave me pitocin to help loosen my cervix and she broke my water...OMG that was NOT comfortable...She tried to break it by flicking her finger in there...I was dropping the f bomb! IT WAS NOT GOOD...My water wouldn't break so she got the hanger out! haha She put it in and AWWWW felt good for about 2 seconds then all hell broke loose! My contractions were so painful I didn't know what to do with myself. I was hanging off the bed sideways..My DH was giving me Ice chips...THEN It was time to push..Let me tell you..IT WAS NOT A RELIEF TO PUSH...It hurt me more...So I pushed and pushed OMG this kid was not coming out! I was standing, on all name it! So they had me on my back with the bottom of the bed dropped down. My DH stood in front of me with one end of the sheet and I had the other end..TUG OF WAR? WTF Mw had one leg and RN had another....So here we are I pulled to hard my hands were black and blue...this kid tok 2 hours to come out...She was face up....STUBBORN!~ Well when she crowned I can tell you that this was the worst and shortest pain ever...ring of fire is right...WOW SHe come out and I thought I was going to have to have a C-section because I was so ready to give up! I really thought I wasn't cut out for this pushing thing...Well she came out looking around and crying ever so dainty!!! She is perfect...I only got one little stitch. After all was done I walked to my long stay room and then got to see her..The neonatologist had a lot of test to do so I wasnt able to see her for a while..

Ella Rose B..was born April 11 2009 at 2:12pm 5 lbs 10 oz 19 1/2 inces long and BEAUTIFUL!

sorry for so long enjoy

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Re: Natural quick Birth story LONG

  • All I have to say is....AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    she is  a beauty-good for you for being stong

  • Wait, while you were in the bath your dh was pouring water INTO your mouth??
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  • wow! i'm actually thinking about going natural, i've seen a couple of "A BABY STORY"s on it and it looks alot more worth it. buttttttt.......... women in my family have a tendency to rip A LOT! and that scares the bejeezus outta me!

    But props girl! You are one strong lady! Congrats!



  • aawww sounds like you had a beautiful birth!
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