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First Birthday Food

Hello Ladies!

So, Max's first birthday party is sneaking up on my FAST!  I am in need of some meal recommendations.  Here's an overview of the party itself.

Okay, don't laugh, but we are going WAY overboard.  Our guest list is at 135 people (105 adults and 30 kids).  I have a HUGE family so that takes up most of them, but we are also inviting Max's kidney doctor, dialysis nurses and the nurses that took care of him in the NICU at Children's.  I have NO idea how many from the kidney department will actually be there. 

Back to the food.... what are some of your meal recommendations for that many people.  We were originally thinking of grilling out, but who wants to stand at a grill to cook for that many people.  So we then though about spaghetti and meatballs.  By the way, it's May 16 and will hopefully be outside.

Any side dish, snack and dessert rec's are also appreciated!

Thanks Ladies!


Re: First Birthday Food

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    Pasta is always good because it's fairly easy to make in large quantities.  Spaghetti, lasagna & alfredo are always good. You can have pasta salad, regular salad & garlic bread. That's what we had for my bridal shower & it went over well. We had cookies in addition to cake. Never thrown a birthday party for a little one but we had pretty much the same thing at my nephew's birthday party & it went over well. We also had chicken tenders for the little kids. Have fun planning Smile
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    Pork BBQ would be easy, you could do it in advance and then put it in  crock pots to serve. You could do chips, potato salad, macaroni salad, etc.


    IMO pasta might be hard if you don't have places for people to sit.

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    Here's a thought... could you have closer family members all bring a dish to share?  With that many people invited, it might be nice to have all sorts of different dishes. 

    What about catered Chick Fil A? Or subway? 

    Just trying to think about something that would be easy for you to put together and satisfy most people. 

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    Potluck?  If your family cooks, that is a great idea.  Also, if a grill out is what you want, Hamilton County parks have a caterer that does on site grill outs if you rent a shelter from them.  It can get pricey with the size of your crowd, but goes for $6-$8 per person depending on how much you want them to do.  We are looking into that for DS's graduation party.  Subway is cheap, and there are other caterers who do cold cuts, veggie trays, fruit etc if you are more budget minded.  My thought is that the less work there is on you and your family, the more you can mingle and enjoy the party with DS.
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    I love the Subway and BBQ ideas... I am all about not a whole lot of work so that we can hang out with our guests and with Max. 

    Thanks for the ideas ladies.

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    What about a taco bar? We did this for Nora's birthday however we had no where near the amount of people you're having! It could actually work though if you prepare all of the meat ahead of time, freeze it and then reheat it the party day. I have an awesome recipe for shredded taco beef if you want it.
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    I'd second the BBQ or the fried chicken from Kroger ideas.  I've used both for various kid celebrations and they are very easy and crowd friendly.  I don't blame you for going overboard - the little guy deserves it! Yes
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    we ordered a sandwich tray at kroger for 35.00 (20 sammies) and they were delish! We also did veggies and dip, fruit and dip, mac salad, potato salad, salsa dip with chips, reg chips, choco covered pretzel sticks, cookies and of course the cupcakes
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    We had about 85 people at Evans party and we ened up having:

    • two big trays of rottini w/ spaghetti sauce, chz, and meat(?)
    • veggie tray
    •  fruit tray
    • big thing of potatoe like harshbrowns
    • some hotdogs
    • cupcakes
    • for kids we had capri suns
    • this popcicles - yikes I have no clue how to spell that
    • aniaml crackers
    • and of course some chips and other appetizer stuff
    • oh and a keg for teh adults.

    something else we did was hire patrick banfield to come out and just take some pic of the day b/c I knew that I wouldn't get the pics that i wanted b/c I would be running around.  i'll page you later and put a clip to his bday video from the pics.  I think he charged maybe $75 and well worth it.

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    We did mini sandwiches that we ordered from a meat store.  We also had chicken salad, fruit salad, salad, veggie tray, potato hasbrown casserole thing.  My mom also made a rigatoni type dish with breadsticks which was different and people seemed to like with the salad.  I like the Subway idea - or I'm sure you could get something similar at Sams/Costco.  I know Moes does catering if you like the burrito/taco bar idea.  
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    We invited about 50, and I made BBQ pulled pork in a couple crockpots. It was easy to cook, pull, and serve all in the same container!  We just did chips, veggies, and fruit on the side.  HTH!
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