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For the most part my LO sleeps really good.  Goes down around 8pm, wakes up once to eat then wakes up at app. 7am.  But more and more, we are having him wake up periodically throughout the night crying.  Say once at 9pm, then at 11pm, then at 1am, so on.  Some nights it is better than other nights.  We have been going into his room.  Comforting him back to sleep either with a pacifier or rocking.  First of all is this considered the 4 month wakeful?   Now I suspect the issue is he doesn't know how to put himself to sleep yet when he wakes.  So how do you get a baby to learn how to fall asleep on thier own?  He almost always need the pacifier to fall asleep, espically during the day for naps.  Any books to rec?  I'm not a huge fan of CIO. 

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    sounds like me except the wake ups don't start  till 1AM or 2AM. she knows how to put herself to sleep- no paci lately. Hasn't helped the late night wakeups though.

    I think i'm going to get rid of the paci. Once she gets it at 1 or 2am, she is out cold in a second but she "needs" it. Maybe if I get rid of it, it will help her. She never needs us to pick her up- just the pacifier.


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    Sorry, but this seems to be the million dollar question around here! Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child was recommended to me. It has helped a little, but some people definitely do have more success with it. Good luck, and know you aren't alone
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