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Trying to decide when to go back to work...

Stinks. ?I know I couldn't be a stay at home mom even though DH has told me it is a possibility for us but I can't fathom leaving him this soon. ?I would love something part time but there are hardly any nursing jobs available in my area right now. ?There is a new RN internship at a hospital right down the road but it starts in June 1st and there is NO way I would be ready in a month. ?I wish it started around July/August and that would be perfect...

I just have no clue what I want to do...I really am anxious to start my nursing career but I also don't want to miss out on all Jonah's firsts. Anyone else had to figure this out after having LO?

Re: Trying to decide when to go back to work...

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    My good friend went through the exact same thing - she was in nursing school while pregnant, took her boards three days before her LO was born.  She wanted to use her degree (that she'd spent so much money on) but didn't want to leave her DD.  She ended up starting working when her DD was 6 months old - the hospital that hired her was really understanding of her taking 6 months to start working after she finished her boards.  She now works 3-4 nights a week (and her DD will be a year old in June). 
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    I am also a nurse.  I am guessing you are a new nurse by what you have wrote and I know most hospitals will not let new grads work part-time.  You really need to be there full-time for the first year or so you can learn and get a routine down.  As you have probably already figured nursing school doesn't really prepare you for being a nurse.

    I switch to nights once having DD.  I have been back for two weeks and so far it is working out really good.  I have my mom or sister watch her two days a week so I can sleep.  The other day I just nap with her.  I try to only sleep for 6 hours or so.  I then I have the rest of the day with her.  I like this better than working 12 hours days because atleast I am gone when she is sleeping.  Plus working nights you get paid more which helps with the diapers and formula.

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    Thanks ladies. ?Yes this is what happned to me. ?I graduated from nursing school in December and took/passed my boards at 34 weeks. ?

    I'm thinking I can do it at 6 months as well. ?Plus the hospital I want to work at you only work 3 12 hour shifts so I would have 4 days off with DS. ?I too would be working nights and though about getting my father to come watch him during the day when I sleep/nap.?

    Dh really wants me to go back in the next month or 2 but I just don't think I could do it!

    Thanks for the advice ladies :)?

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