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My boys were 12 weeks early, birth story

On April 1st, that afternoon around 1:30 my back had been hurting a little bit all morning.  But I didn't think anything of it, I just thought that I had slept wrong or something.  I had a few pains in the top part of my stomache while I was trying to take a nap, but they were up close to my boobs.  So after I hit to post the question on here, I called the dr.  The nurse told me to take a couple of tylenol, drink a lot of water, and to lay down.  She was going to ask the dr. about it and call me right back.  I called Brandon at work and told him that I was not feeling well, that my back was hurting, and I just called the dr. and was waiting for him to call me back.  At that time, I was fine.  I could still walk, talk, breathe, everything.  So I went to get the tylenol and felt like I had to use the bathroom #2.  So I sat down, and that is when I went from being able to talk and breathe, to not being able to do those things.  I was sitting on the toilet and it felt like I had something coming out of me.  I thought for sure that I was going to have the babies on the toilet.  So I called 911.  I gave them the address, and that is when Brandon beeped in, so I had to put 911 on hold to tell Brandon to come home fast, that is all I could say to him.  I was screaming, so I probably scared the crap out of him.  Got back on the phone with 911 and he told me the ambulance was on the way.  It probably only took them 2 minutes to get there, but it was the longest two minutes of my life.  The EMT came in and she said that I needed to sit down.  I told her that there was no way I could sit.  So she got me to lay on the stretcher, and that is when Emily started freaking out.  She was in her high chair, because I had just fed her lunch.  I was laying on the stretcher, and I felt something coming out, I just knew it was a baby's head.  But it wasn't, it was my bag of water ballooning out of me, and then it burst at 2:15.  The EMTs got me in the ambulance, got Emily strapped in there too in her car seat.  Luckily, Brandon and my mom pulled up right as we were getting ready to leave.  So Mom got Emmy and Brandon jumped in and we were off to the hospital. 
When we got to the hospital, there were tons of nurses and my dr. in the labor room trying to get the boys heart rates on the monitor.  My dr. was doing an u/s and saw that baby A had turned and was now breach, and baby b was transverse.  So he said that the way they were laying, it was safer to get them out now.  So I was prepped for emergency c-section.  Thank goodness, I got a spinal so I was kind of awake for it.  I didn't know that they had even started working on me, and I asked Brandon what they were doing, and that is when the wisked Dylan by.  He was born at 4:23 and weighs 2 lb 9 oz and is 13 in long.  At 4:25, Ayden was born and weighs 2 lb 14 oz and is 15 in long.  
It all happened so fast!  Sorry for it being so long!! 

Re: My boys were 12 weeks early, birth story

  • They are absolutly beautiful & I am in tears......congrats on their safe arrival into the world!!
  • Wow! Congrats on your LOs!
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  • Congrats on the baby boys!! and so happy that they made it into the world safely and I hope that their little bodies continue to strengthen with each passing day. God bless you and your precious little ones!!!
  • Congratulations!  I'm happy to see that everything turned out well!
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  • Congratulations! ?I am so happy you and the babies are safe. ?How are the twins doing in the NICU? (I assume they had to go there because of the early birth?)
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  • Look at those little teeny guys! Thanks for sharing!
  • imageChoco80:
    Congratulations!  I am so happy you and the babies are safe.  How are the twins doing in the NICU? (I assume they had to go there because of the early birth?)

    They are doing good.  Right now, they both have infections, but they are getting better!!  They still have to be in there for a while, but I can't wait to get them home!!

  • Wow!! What a story!!! Congrats!!!
  • congrats on the beautiful baby boys!
  • EANEAN member
  • OMG! I realized it was YOU when you kept mentioning Emily and I scrolled down real quick to see her picture (Emily is the cutest thing ever - I'd recognize her anywhere!). CONGRATULATIONS! I was still in 2nd Tri when you had the boys and haven't checked the birth stories for a while.... So glad to hear all is well with the boys and I send all of you the best of wishes!!!
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