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I have to start work again in 2 weeks. Crying And I'm dreading it.

I have really enjoyed being home and having nothing to do but take care of my DD and home. I never thought I'd be satisfied with that. I took my job very seriously, am very good at it and pride myself on that success. I'm shocked that I have no desire to return to work of any kind.

Anyone else finding they are actually happy as a housewife and mom?

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    Me. I too really like my job but I came back on Monday and have cried everyday. I would so much rather be a SAHM. I would be completely happy and satisfied.
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    I've come to be happy with it. I wasn't so much, at first. I think part of it is in the attitude. When Finn was born, I really didn't think of what I was doing as a job. Now I do. I feel just as much "employed" as my DH is, especially when I consider what we'd be paying someone else to do everything I do from 8-5. 
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    yes i love it.  i have the perfect career.
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    I always said I could never be a SAHM prior to having DD, but now I would absolutely love to be one.  I stayed much busier than I thought I would over my maternity leave taking care of DD and keeping up with the house. 
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    I worked until DS was born, now my job keeps calling to see when im coming back. i just dont think i could do it, im not ready and my whole paycheck would pay for gas and childcare. I would rather stay home then pay someone to take care of my kiddos.
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