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1 year stats

We had our 1 year appointment this afternoon.  I was glad to hear that DS's tubes are still in and his ears are clear because he has been pressing on both ears for about a week.  He has good reason...he has three molars coming in!  YIKES! 

He is also 2' 8" tall (32 in.) and is a slim 28 lbs. 12 oz.  HA!  The pedi said he is healthy as can be and joked that he is "maintaining" his weight...he has gained only 4 oz. in the past month.  Big Smile

He didn't like the four shots, but as soon as he saw the string cheese the tears were gone right away!  Oh well, the grilled cheese tonight will go a long way in making him feel better, too!  LOL

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    He sounds very healthy!  I want to see new pictures of your baby boy.   :)
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    At least he has some height to go with his weight :-)  Sounds like he is doing well!  Don't worry, we show DS food and it cures everything most of the time also :-) 
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