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Anyone on Mirena?

If so what do you think? Im considering this. Did your insurance cover it?

Re: Anyone on Mirena?

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    I just got mine a week ago and so far so good. My insurance did pay for it.
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    Got mine 2 weeks ago.  A little crampy with insertion, but ibuprofen helped that.  I've had some spotting since, but not too bad.  My insurance does cover it.  I like it so far-can't even tell that I have it in.
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    I'm glad I did it.  I've had it a week and a half.  I'm still spotting, but it seems to be getting lighter.  My insurance approved 100% of charges for insertion and removal. 

    I love not having to take a pill each day, and it's going to save us a lot of money not having to pay a copay each month for BC pills.

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    I've had it since end of Jan. I just stopped bleeding last week. I still spot after sex though. Which apparently is normal. I hated it, but it is so much nicer than having to remember to take a pill daily. My insurance covered it all. Just call your insurance company and ask them to make sure. Because if they dont it is very pricey!
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    I had it put in 8 weeks PP.  I spotted for a few days and then started bleeding moderately about 5 days after it was put in.  I bled for 9 days straight and then spotted for about another month.  Ever since that ended, it has been great!  I hate having to take a pill every day and loved being on the patch pre-babies but my insurance won't cover either of those.  It did, however, cover 100% of the costs of getting Mirena.  I just called my customer service # to make sure it was covered (as did my OB's office).

    I have heard that if your ins. does not cover it, doctors tend to want the $$ up front.  They will resist doing payment plans on the procedure because they must have trouble collecting on them--you can't exactly reposses a Mirena...

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