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If you use Similac Alimentum, come in ...

Our pedi wants me to try DS on Similac Alimentum, because he thinks his excema may be related to a milk protein sensitivity (other topical treatments aren't working).

If you use this, do they sell the powdered formula in anything larger than a 16oz can? ?I was pricing it out online, and didn't see anything larger. ?Also, where have you found the best prices? ?I can't believe how expensive this stuff is ...

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Re: If you use Similac Alimentum, come in ...

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    Welcome, to Alimentum Hell Devil

    No, they don't make anything bigger than the 16 oz. cans. Yes, they are insanely expensive. No, you won't find any good deals, anywhere. I'm sorry to be so depressing on the subject, but we have had DS on Alimentum since he was 6 weeks old and we have looked EVERYWHERE...even on ebay and craigslist. It sucks, bad. BUT, Alimentum works (at least on our DS) and it helped him SO much. Oh, make sure you sign up for Similac checks, they are a life-saver, $20 a can instead of $25/26 makes a big difference!

    Our new pedi put him on Enfamil Nutramigen which is basically the same thing (kinda like Coke v. Pepsi if you get me)...the only reason she did that is half of the people that go to her office get WIC and we don't they sometimes have free samples ready to give away from sales reps...maybe check with your pedi to see if they have anything like this going on in their office. And check with WIC too, to see if you qualify!

     GL to you :)

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    My SIL was able to get a prescription from the Pediatrician, and it was $50 co pay a month.
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