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What age for educational videos? (Baby Einstein & the like)

Just wondering at what age you started these.

We kept DD from watching television until she was 6 mo.

Now that she's reached the 6 mo mark, I'd like to know what age you started educational shows / videos for your LO, and which ones you recommend.

Also - WDYT of "Your Baby Can Read"? I can't decide if I think it's good, or a scam, or good but maybe too much too soon, or.....


Re: What age for educational videos? (Baby Einstein & the like)

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    There are different Baby Einstein videos according to age - some are 3 months +, 6 months +, etc. We have a few of them. The ones for little babies are mostly just pictures of spinning tops, pretty lights, etc. - nothing educational, just stuff to look at. I only used them on ocassion when I really needed something to occupy a baby so I could have a few minutes to get something done (they really worked for this, for my girls.)

    Lately I've been watching the ones for older babies (9 months+) with Piper even though it would seem like she's a bit old for them. But they work very well for her to learn from, because, for example, they'll say "Monkey", write the word out on the screen, show a cartoon monkey, a monkey toy, then several real monkeys. I think this helps her learn and recognize what a monkey is better than just one picture in a book. I never just plop her down to watch, though, I'm always there with her and we talk about what we see.

    I definitely don't think educational TV and DVDs are necessary at all, but I feel like they can be useful when used like I just explained. I have no interest in teaching my baby to read though - not sure if it's a scam or not, but what's the point?!

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    Nora saw bits a pieces of shows here and there but we didn't really start letting her watch entire episodes or DVD's until 1 year. I don't think she would have had the attention span for it earlier. She loves Baby Einstein but even more so, she likes DVD's that are centered around songs like The Wiggles, Baby Genius, The HBO Classical Baby DVDs.

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    Leah's just not into TV yet. We have a few Baby Einstein DVDs we got for a shower gift, but she isn't interested enough yet. I am hoping once she's a little older I can use them for when I take a shower, etc. to occupy her.

    As for Your Baby Can Read, I cry scam. It promotes memorization of words, which is not the way children are generally taught to read. Additionally, there is no real benefit in learning to read this early. Wait until she is older and just read to her for now.

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    I saw on the news a while ago these videos are pointless and a waste of money really. ?If you want why not just watch PBS, its educational and free!

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    I have a couple Dora and Blue's Clues episodes on my DVR.  I turn them on when I'm trying to get Logan ready.  They hold his attention long enough for me to change his diaper and get him dressed.
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    I saw on the news a while ago these videos are pointless and a waste of money really.  If you want why not just watch PBS, its educational and free!

    The problem with this research project is that it didn't distinguish whether parents were using these videos IN PLACE OF parent-child interaction. No, I don't think they're going to educate my child, but I think they do have a place, if only for keeping mothers sane on occasion :)

    As a general rule, I don't like Baby C watching television, but I'm not going to flog myself for putting in a Baby Einstein DVD once or twice a week while he's playing on the floor so I can get a pump session in or have a few minutes to dry my hair. He loves the colors and images. Now that he's older we've moved on to Blue's Clues instead. It's only an every once in a while thing, but I don't feel bad about it at all.

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    For us, the baby einstein never really did much for Eli.  Although now they might.  He does love watching "movies" on you tube (Wiggles and Disney songs for example)... and he enjoys Bob (or B-Bob as we call it) and Elmo on that On Demand thing with our cable.

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    Katie still can't hold her attention span long enough to even watch a 30 min episode on TV. We mainly have on Disney in the morning- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her favorite. The only time she pays attention is when they are signing and dancing.

    I use the TV only when I need her attention to be re-directed away from mine. She loves helping me in the kitchen, but an oven and a baby don't mix. I turn the TV for her to keep her attention for about 10 mins while I either putting things in or out of the oven.

    I never cared for the DVD's for kids for a young age. I see my 18 month old neice reciting her Barney video over and over again and throwing tantrums when she can't watch them. She knows what the song is before it even comes on. What this says in my mind is that my SIL is letting her watch too much TV of the same things. To each their own, but I don't agree with it.

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    I really wanted to abide by the parenting books that advocate no TV/DVDs etc. for children under the age of two.  We did pretty good at this for the first 15 months.  Justin has never really been interested in any kind of thing on the television, but I think a lot of that is because our TV is not on the floor or a level where he can see it well. 

    As he's gotten older, we've discovered that he loves shows with music, but he's not into much of anything else.   I'm OK with that.  We did get a couple of Baby Einstein videos as gifts, and he is not into them at all.  We tried putting them in the DVD player in our car, and he won't even watch them there.

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    Evan was never into Baby Einstein videos.  We got a few of them as shower gifts and I would put them in to see his reaction and he wouldn't look at the TV for more then 3 seconds. 

    Now that he is older he likes Super Why and Thomas the Train.  We mostly put them on when we need to get something done or if he is going down for a nap.  He still will only stay still for about 15 minutes.

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    Brady is a mile a minute kind of kid, the only time he slows down is for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (only when they sing or dance - he LOVES the hot dog song at the end).   I usually turn it on when I need to finish getting ready or make lunch, etc.   Even then, I'm lucky to get 10 min.   His sisters are much better entertainers for him.    He does like these christian "baby einstein-ish" DVDs - Baby Faith.  They are narrated by the voice of the Little Mermaid.  He will watch for a bit but still not the whole thing. 

    Other than that - he loves to watch football - no kidding.  He will sit and stare & talk to the TV while football is on.   He likes basketball too, but not nearly as much as football.   We discovered it by accident - we were holding him, the game was on & every time we turned and he couldn't see anymore, he would turn and twist until he had it in view again. 

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    Brenna was into football games too, and I know the contortionist moves jules is talking about.  We don't own any DVDs and probably won't for a year or so.  I thought about buying some for Easter, but we turn on Sprout or Noggin while she plays in the floor, and she really doesn't watch it at all.  Occasionally, she will stop playing and look at the screen for a second if a song comes on.  She does her little wiggle dance to the music, but ignores what is on the screen.
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