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baby is breech and I need to make some decisions -

basically, I am 36 weeks +-.  Thursday is my next apt and I have to be ready to choose how to manage the baby being breech.

options: 1. have her try and turn him (version) at week 37, if

it works, and he stays that way - wait to go into labor naturally, have a vag. birth


hope he turns on his own

3. ,

Re: baby is breech and I need to make some decisions -

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    I suggest seeing a chiropractor for the Webster technique.  I was breech at 35 weeks with a large baby who my OB said would not flip due to his size.  I saw a chiropractor 1, and at my second visit he had flipped, and stayed down.  I highly recommend as there is no risk to you or baby (unlike a version), even if it doesn't work, it should help with any back pain you might be having.
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    At 37 weeks after trying everything else we tried the verison.  It didn't work for us but I have heard of success stories.  And I'll tell you it was SUPER painful.  I think it was more painful than any of the recovery from the c-section.  You can read more about my version and breech experience in my blog from December. 

     Good luck with everything!

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