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Birth story, and so much more...(long)

I woke up @ 2 AM on April 4th and felt contractions.  I was already past my due date, so I was hoping this was it, but not getting my hopes too far up.   Lying in bed was uncomfortable, so I decided to get up and surf the net for a little bit.  The contractions weren't all that painful but were coming 3-5 mins apart.  At about 3 AM, I decided to go ahead and start getting ready to go to the hospital, just in case.  After taking a nice hot shower and getting dressed, I woke up DH.  While he took a shower, I called my friend who was supposed to come watch DS for me when I went into labor.

My friend is stuck at work because they are already down 3 people.  Ok, go to backup babysitter.  No answer.  Panic mode hits... DH gets out of the shower and while he's getting dressed I break the news, no one is coming to watch DS.  And the contractions aren't letting up, they are getting more painful, longer, and closer together.  It's definitely time, and we are totally screwed.

So, we do the only thing we can do, get DS up and in the car.  We get to the hospital and DH and DS stay out in the waiting area.  I go in and they start to hook me up to the monitors to see if I'm really in labor.  The tech can't see the contractions on her monitor, so she takes her time getting a nurse to check me.  When the nurse finally came and checked me, I could see a little bit of the "ohh, $hit" look on her face.  I was 6 cm.  Needless to say, they weren't slow anymore.  I got into my L&D room just about 6 AM.  They ask me if I want an epidural.  And I say no, no epi, but I'm not opposed to IV meds.  She says with how far along I am, if I want to have IV meds it would have to be very soon.  I say I'm fine for now.  They let my DH and DS come back to the room.  But DS was wide awake and excited to be somewhere new and DH couldn't control him.  DH had to take him home.  I knew it was for the best because I didn't want DS to be there to see me in pain anyway.  So, they leave and I start calling and texting everyone I can think of to see if anyone will answer.  DH is doing the same from home.  Finally, at around 7:30, one of my coworkers texts me back.  I explain to him the situation and he says that my DH needs to be at the hospital and that he'll be at my house to watch DS as fast as he can.  So, finally, I know DH will be there with me and I am comforted. 

Unfortunately, now that I'm not completely distracted, I realize how bad the contractions are hurting.  I ask the nurse if I can go take a hot shower to ease the back pain.  She says I can but first they need to track the baby's heart rate for a good 15-20 mins, since I would be off monitor in the shower.  She comes back 20 mins later with the doctor and says he's here to break my water. It's 8 am when he breaks my water and I'm not paying any attention to what they are saying to one another because I'm having a contraction while he's working down there and it hurts like hell!  When he's done, there is a cord dangling out of me and I don't know why.  He leaves and the nurse tells me that since they couldn't track the baby's heart rate when I changed positions, they put the monitor right on the baby and now I can have the monitor around my waist taken off.  She sounds so excited, like she's thoroughly pleased with herself.  And I get pissed because I know this means no shower for me and the fact that she didn't even tell me what was happening before it was done made me so mad!  So, I ask her to confirm and sure enough I'm right.  Her tone switches, and she tries to make me see the brightside, baby will be here soon.  I'm sure I gave her an "I'm going to kill you look" when I told her that I was in labor for five more hours after they broke my water with my first.  She was like okay, but your 7 cm this time.  I told her yeah, I was 7 cm last time too.  She looks like she feels bad but I'm still too pissed to care.

Now that my water has been broken, the contractions hurt even more.  I get on the birthing ball and try to pull myself together but I can't.  I've been laboring by myself (except for the occasional nurse) and I don't think I can do it anymore.  I try to tell myself that DH will be here soon and it'll be okay.  But with each contraction I lost a little more confidence.  I called the nurse back in four or five times, for ice chips and when I had to go to the bathroom.  One time she tells me I need to tell her if I have the feeling I need to push.  I do have the feeling, but I don't tell her.  I think back to when I had DS, I had felt like I needed to push (even more intensely then, in comparison) from the time I hit 9 cm.  And DH isn't there yet.  But I figure, what can it hurt to get checked because I was sure I wasn't ready yet so about five minutes later I call her back again and tell her.  She starts trying to rush me onto the bed so she can check me but I have a contraction and stop before I reach the bed.  She gets all worried and says come on hun, this may be it.  No way I'm moving though.  And then, DH walks in! 

He comes over and wraps his arms around me and we just stand there through the rest of the contraction.  I am so relieved!  All my confidence is back and I know I can get through the rest of this.  I get up on the bed and the nurse checks me.  10 cm.  She calls for the doctor.  And I'm a little in shock.  I didn't think I was going to be 10 cm and I don't feel quite ready to push, but my body disagrees.  Doctor pokes his head in and the nurse tells him I'm ready but baby is still -2 station, so I have some pushing to do.  The doctor says he'll be in the hall, call him when I'm ready.  I look at the clock, it's 8:52, DH says "just in time".  As one nurse is still putting the bed into its birthing configuration, the other nurse tells me to bear down and push with the next contraction to get the baby down.  I do, and the baby came right down.  The call the doctor back in and I push through a contraction while he hurriedly puts on gloves.  The bed is still in need of adjustment when I push through the third contraction and baby is coming... ready or not.  One more contraction and 9 AM, on the dot, my baby girl was born. 

So, after a very chaotic and stressful morning, we had our baby girl and none of it seemed to matter anymore.  Jayna was a whopping 8 lbs 10.8 oz, 20 ? in. long with a full head of almost black hair.  She is a week old now and is nursing well.  So far she is turning out to be a very calm baby just like her brother was.  We are very blessed.   

Re: Birth story, and so much more...(long)

  • no kidding - eventful! Not a bad birth storty though! Good for you and congratulations on your baby girl!

    See you on 0-6 in a bit! ;-)

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  • You poor thing....I can't believe you went through most of it with that dumb nurse!  I was so relieved to hear that your hubby came in right in time!!!  So glad that everything turned out perfectly!  Once they get here and all is well nothing else matters.  I'm happy for you!
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  • Wow - that's quite the story. Congrats to you and your family on the addition of your beautiful little girl!!
  • Congrats!! What a Story...
  • I'm sooo glad your DH made it! I know that I would feel the same way about being confident I could make with him there!!! I'm glad everything turned out well! I would have KILLED THEM for putting that monitor in without your permission!
  • You lived out my worse fear.  Thank heavens my inlaws could take my oldest kids!

    Congrtulations on your baby girl!

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  • WOW...Congradulations & thank goodness DH made it; my biggest fear is that he won't be there for some reason when our little one joins the world.
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