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eye color

Someone told me it could be up to 2 years old, but does anyone know when eye colors become definite either blue/green or brown??

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Re: eye color

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    our pedi sadi 6 mos

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    I've heard that it could be up to a year and I'm hoping not. DD has blue eyes and I want them to stay that way!
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    I've heard around 6 months too.  I've given up on my DS having brown eyes 4 months, they're still blue as can be!

    Me too, only DH isn't getting his blue-eyed baby either.  Our pedi called them green, but I think they're hazel.  We still see some specks of brown, but they're definitely not blue.  I was hoping I still had more time for them to turn! 

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    Like others, our pedi said about 6 months.  However she mentioned that most of the time you can tell earlier because they'll start to darken or change color a bit.  My DDs eyes keep getting lighter and bluer so hopefully thats a sign they'll stay blue.
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