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LO only BF's from right breast - WTH?

Is anyone else running into this issue?  BF'ing has been going along smoothly until a few days ago when my LO decided that he doesn't want to have anything to do with my left breast.  He throws a major crying fit if I try to make him BF from it.  So now I've been BF'ing from the right & pumping on the left.

Is my son already a picky eater??  Think he'll 'outgrow' this & I will be able BF on both sides again??  Help!

Re: LO only BF's from right breast - WTH?

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    can you try a different 'hold' on that side - if you usually cradle him, try football, etc... ?
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    This actually came up at the BF support group I went to this week.

    Some of the women said they  have a "power boob" and a "gimpy boob." Have you noticed a difference?

    Anyway, the LC moderator said to "trick" the baby in taking both breasts, start on the favored breast with the football hold and then, after LO is latched and has been nursing for a few minutes, unlatch and slide her onto the other breast in the cross cradle.

    Lillian Annette, can't wait to meetcha! Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
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