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Jack loves his Ergo!

He can finally sit in it properly (he's big enough now) and is now taking at least one long nap in it (while I wear him) just about every day.  Finally!  He never really liked the Moby - only tolerated it here and there (although now the front hold seems to work OK for him so we'll keep experimenting with that) and didn't like the Ergo either - I always felt bad - like I wasn't "wearing" him enough but he wasn't into it!  But now he is.  I can't wait 'til he's big enough to go on my back in the Ergo in a couple months.  yay!

"When it comes to sleeping, whatever your baby does is normal. If one thing has damaged parents enjoyment of their babies, it's rigid expectations about how and when the baby should sleep." ~ James McKenna, Ph.D., Mother Baby Behavioral Sleep Center, University of Notre Dame


Re: Jack loves his Ergo!

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    I can't wait to get mine! DH & I don't want to drop $105 on it, so I've been checking Ebay and bidding on some. I don't want to pay more than $80, with shipping, so I keep getting outbid. LOL

    Where did you get yours? And did you pay full price? I can't find anywhere that offers discounts or sales on them. Boohoo.

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    Happy to hear it!

    I just went out yesterday and picked up the infant insert for ours so that I can try it out (not sure I'm crazy about my Hotsling...).

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    I am jealous! I can only get about 10 minutes in mine before he starts fussing to get out. I will keep trying though! Like you, I feel like I'm not wearing him enough for him to get used to it, but he just doesn't like it. One of these days...
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