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DS can roll :)

He has been trying for about 2 months then yesterday I heard him screaming from his crib, I went in and he had rolled on his tummy from his back...and was stuck.  Now anytime I put him on the floor to play he rolls and gets pissed b/c he can't get back over!  It's kind of funny.

Anyone have the same experience and how much longer after going from back to front did LO figure out front to back?

Re: DS can roll :)

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    congrats!!!! DD rolled belly to back at 2.5 mo, but she refused to do it regularly until about 3.5 mo. She just learned back to belly this week, so it was about a month I guess :)
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    DS learned belly to back first at like 2 1/2 months, but he's not totally consistent about it.  He hasn't done back to belly yet, though he seems obsessed with trying lately!
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