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Cami is so darn cute, shes gonna be a heartbreaker better tell dad to screen all the

But I bought 30 day shred because you and a few others talked about it. I love it and have done it for 3 days missed Tues and will do it tonight again...i've lost 3 lbs.....and good job on losing yours!!!!! Keep it up =)

Re: Pumpkin!!!

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    Girl, thank you and thank you!!!

    Your LO is soooooo adorable!!!

    Congrats on your 3 lbs! 

    That workout is so awesome.. It's like she knows exactly what to say to keep me from sittong on my butt and watching the rest!

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    I agree!!! Heres to Jillian making us shredders go back to normal pant sizes cuz my butt isn't anywhere near wearing my pre baby jeans...
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    Uggghhh, mine either.. I got into some 8's the other day and I was pretty proud.. haha

    I guess I should have listened to my mom back in october when she told me my butt was getting big.. and I kept eating 50 bajillion snickers per day!

  • Options I just bought a pair of size 6 jeans to wear.....I was a 2 but I would be happy in a 4. But mind you I say this as I sit here eating nacho cheese doritos....=P
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