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overnight with baby

So I'm planning on going to my mother's house to visit. It is an hour away. I am trying to decide whether or not to stay overnight. I'm not sure if it will be too much for me or not with DS and his crazy sleeping habits. Do you think it is too early for an overnight visit? HAve you done this?

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    Yes, when dd was about the same age we drove 3 hours one way for a visit during the holidays. 1 hour should be no problem if your lo sleeps well after a good feeding.
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    we're going 2 hrs away this weekend and just doing a day trip. don't feel like dealing with the overnight of bringing everything and dealing with her sleep habits. She sleeps well once she gets in a good sleep, but that usually takes quite a few tries with awhile of fussing. I think you could do it if DS is doing well though.
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    1 hour away?  I'd drive home.  I'd much prefer to be in my own bed.
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