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At 26 weeks I am measuring 30 weeks???

I have only been a week ahead at the last two appointments and then this week....A MONTH AHEAD???  I have my gluclose 1 hr. test in two weeks and am concerned that this might mean I have GD.  Has anyone measured that much ahead and not had GD or a large baby (9-10 pounds)?  My doctor said she wasn't concerned but if I am still measuring large later on that she will do another ultrasound. Would love to hear your experiences with this!! TIA

Re: At 26 weeks I am measuring 30 weeks???

  • Me! I measured 28 weeks at my 24 weeks appt. But then we had a growth u/s and all was good... he was only 1 week ahead. AND I scored a 67 on my GD test (lowest they've seen in a long time). I know it's hard not to do, but don't worry.

    P.S. How did they measure you? Fundal height?

  • I'm not GD and have been measuring ahead since 20 weeks. I've had three growth scans since and the baby is still on track to be in the 8-9 lb range. I have one more scheduled at 37 weeks.?
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  • She measured by fundal height.  Thanks for the encouragement Big Smile
  • I was 3 ahead, he was normal size on u/s and i passed the GT





  • My fundal height has been all over the place behind and ahead.  My LO seems to have growth spurts.  I do not have GD.
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  • I have consistently measured large anywhere from 1-5 1/2 weeks starting in month 5. I have had one growth ultrasound and fluid check which was fine-he was measuring 33 weeks on the ultrasound and fundal height at 28 weeks. I passed the GD test with fying colors. As of today, I am 34 weeks and am measuring 40. Next ultrasound is in 2 weeks to again check growth and fluid. We're estimating 10-11 lbs for a full term baby.
  • I measured 3cm ahead at one of my visits.  I had a growth scan (passed the 3hr GD test, so no GD) and a BPP (I have high BP).  She's measuring fine, fluid levels are normal, placenta is in the right place.  Everything was fine.  My OB was actually more concerned about placenta placement and fluid levels because, from the outside, she didn't feel a big baby.   

    She was just high up.  

    Now....3wks later....I'm measuring 1cm behind because she was in a different position and was lower down.

    Next week...who knows??  In my case, it was her positioning causing me to measure ahead (and I felt that one.....right up in my ribs!).

  • I was measuring 2 weeks ahead before my GD test and they moved my due date up two weeks. I didnt do my GD test until 34 weeks and turns out i have it borderline, but its not that my baby is big, my due date was probably just wrong. stupid birth control making me not have periods so god knows when i got preg. I was supposed to be due 5/12 and they moved it to 4/30, if he doesnt come by then my doc will induce me the next day. you know what, i really have no idea how many weeks preg i could be lol
  • I have been measuring 4 weeks ahead the past 2 months too. I do not have GD, my glucose level was 80. With DS, I also measured ahead, did not have GD, delivered him a week late and he was 11 lbs 1 oz. I don't know why I make huge children, neither my DH or I were huge at birth. I am only 5'4 and weigh 125 pre-pregnancy too. I have to have u/s every 6 weeks to monitor the size of the baby because I am trying for a VBAC, size permitting.
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