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Those expecting in August / September

When is your big u/s?  Are you planning to find out the baby's gender?


My EDD is 9/24 and my big u/s is at the end of this month (4/30).  I can't believe it's time for that already......this pregnancy is positively FLYING by.  We are most likely not going to find out the gender.  They will also set the date for my c-section at this next appointment!  EEK!

Have any of you decided on what you are going to do for a nursery or bedding theme, especially if this is your 2nd?  I remember spending nearly the whole first and second tri on looking at bedding and nursery themes when I was pregnant with Justin, but I've barely given it a thought this time.  Just curious what everyone is thinking.


Hope you are all doing well!

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Re: Those expecting in August / September

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    hey Katie!!

     You are not kidding about things flying by!! I just can't believe how fast it has gone. (FYI, I am 17 weeks, not 18 weeks like my ticker says)

    We have our big u/s scheduled for the same day as yours 4/30. I am really excited!

     I have been putting offf shopping until then because depending on whether it's a girl or a boy changes all our plans.

    I had my appt today and everytjing looks great. I am up 11 lbs though- yeesh. But I feel the baby move everyday!

    Hope you are doing well too!

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    I'm due at the end of August and our ultrasound is this Monday!!! I don't want to find out the sex but DH is being a pain. Hopefully the baby will have his/her legs shut tight so we won't even have to worry about it - ha ha.

    Were going with a neutral ABC theme (still looking for the perfect bedding). But we did have a friend paint the "ABC's of Cincinnati" and they turned out amazing! I plan on posting pics once we get the nursery more put together. But those will be the central theme.

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    I am Oct 2nd and we are having our big u/s on May 19th!  We do plan on finding out the sex because if it is a girl, I need to sell the boy clothes to have money for girl clothes.  We are not doing any theme for this baby's room since we live in an apt.  We will use the same stuff we had for DS since it was neutral (ducks, frogs, and turtles).  We still are not sure if they will share a room or not but we will see when time gets closer :-)  So glad things are going well for you!  I can't believe time is flying by.  I just told DH that I can't believe I am already at 15 weeks (tomorrow!)!  Ahhhh!!  Good luck with everything!
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    We have our big u/s next Friday... kind of late but they need to do a fetal echo as well because DH was born with a hole in his heart. Hopefully everything will be okay!

    We are NOT finding out the gender... DH wants to desperately, but I don't... so I am trumping him on this one. : )  Told him he could get his way with the next baby.,

    This is the bedding we are using below... we are doing large white and latte vertical stripes on the walls, dark cherry furniture, and a big chocolate overstuffed rocker chair.... that way after we have the baby we can add pictures. lamps and wooden name letters in boy/girl colors. I am 32 and we will probably not be waiting too long for the next one... I refuse to do more than one nursery (just personally think it's a waste of money) so doing it neutral in case the next is opposite sex. : )

    Truth be told, thinking about what were doing is as far as I've gotten... haven't looked at furniture,.... nada. My Mom is getting really annoyed... : ) Think I am just waiting til the big u/s to make sure everything is healthy.


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    We're due August 31st so who knows what month the baby will arrive.  Our u/s is scheduled for this Friday and we are hoping to find out what the sex is, however when we had the nt test, the baby was not intersted in profile shots so we had to go back 2xs to get the right pictures.  Here's hoping Friday is a success!

     The room we are changing to the baby's room at this time is a vibrant plaid wallpaper so at this time, we haven't figured out the bedding or nursery theme.  After Friday we'll know a bit more to plan better, but I think we will probably go with some complimentary pattern or colors.

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