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How to start unswaddling him at night?

He sleeps in his crib contently swaddled and in a sleep positioner. We want to start unswaddling and remove the positioner sooner rather than later. But we are unsure how to do this. When he naps during the day he has to be swaddled as well because he will grab at his face and wake himself up. I dont trust his arms enough to unswaddle him.


Note: we did put him in his sleep sack with his arms inside and he slept for over an hour just fine. Until he poked them through the arm holes and woke himself up. Any advice? Thanks!

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Re: How to start unswaddling him at night?

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    we recently unswaddled g. we started w/ naps & yes, she woke herself up. as she started to get use to it, her naps got longer. the other night @ 2am she let me know she was done being swaddeld for nights too.  she has been doing pretty well so far. good luck. maybe try doing a loose swaddle for naps
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    We are in the same EXACT boat as you.  We recently began by taking one arm out of the swaddle at night, which then led him to keep pulling out his pacifier and waking up.  Now before I put him down I hold the "free" arm down and rock him until he is drowsy, then I put him down.  It worked last night so we'll see how it goes.  I'll move onto 2 arms out in a few nights but keep his belly swaddled for a little while longer just to help transition him. Daycare is doing the same thing. Good luck!
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    I am in the same situation. My DS has always needed to be swaddled. We use to use the halo swaddle me sleeper and it swaddled him so tight. We have stopped using that and I have just been using a receiving blanket. Sometimes when I go in there in the morning his arms are completely out other times he seems not to fight it. He is sleeping for the same amount of time. I am just going to follow my DS lead when it comes to swaddling. Its not huring anyone.

     We are also using a sleep wedge because he sleeps better on his side. I have no idea how we will stop using that. I will take any suggestions on that subject too!

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