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Opinions on what to get Piper for her 2nd birthday...

Her party isn't until next weekend, but her birthday is Monday and we want to give her her presents from us then. We still haven't decided what to get her! She has waaaay too many everyday toys, so we want to get her something bigger that she'll get more use out of.

We were going to get her a tricycle, but we tried one in TRU and she couldn't really do it yet. I know we could get one with the parent-handle for now, but then we found out that MIL got her a Cozy Coupe (car you sit in and push with your feet) and wonder if she would really use a trike in addition to that right now.

We also want to get a little table & chairs set at some point, both an indoor one for our kitchen, and an outdoor mini patio set (seen them at Kroger for like $40) - or maybe a Little Tikes picnic table. But this would really be something that would eventually be for her AND Kady, and I don't know if it's fair or fun to get her this as her b-day present.

We were also considering a Sand & Water table.

WDYT? I also WELCOME any other suggestions!!

Re: Opinions on what to get Piper for her 2nd birthday...

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    The sand & water tables are great!  Isabelle has one & loves it, she has found so many different things to do with it & it could keep her busy for hours.  We also have a regular sandbox but the sand/water table is way better for the attention span that a two year old has. 


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    I think all of your options are great. Nora has a trike and we still use the pushbar. She loves that thing even though she has other toys to ride on. Really,almost any toy you get could be considered fun for both girls eventually. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I like your idea about the table and chairs and we might be doing that for Nora's birthday. Instead of the sand/water combo, maybe you could consider just a sandbox. Nora has used her sandbox even when it was only 40 degrees out! We have surely got our money out of that thing!

    How can Piper be turning 2 already?! Do you think this second year of life flew by too?



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    Ditto the sand and water table.  DD still loves hers and she's 4 1/2.  We have the Step 2 table that comes with the umbrella.  I like that it sits up higher and has a lid so that all the neighborhood cats can't use it as a litter box.  DS is getting to the age where he really loves it too.
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    We are considering the sand/water table for Justin's 2nd birthday, or a table and chairs set for inside the house.  His birthday isn't for another 4 months so I haven't put a lot of thought into it yet, but those are at the top of our list right now.  He got a Cozy Coupe for his birthday last year and it's probably his favorite thing right now.  I do think a trike is a completely separate kind of toy and she will get a lot of use out of something like that as well as the car, so I wouldn't worry if she got both of them.

     Another thing that my nephews both got on their 2nd birthdays is one of those jeeps that they can drive themselves.  That's something else I'm considering for Justin. 

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    Well I like the table idea (b/c E LOVES them)... and really if you think about it, regardless of what gift you give her at some point in the future Kady might use it too, you know?  :) 

    Eli does have a Radio Flyer tricycle and it took him a few months and some asssitance with learning to peddle, but he got it pretty quick.  And it doesn't have the handle thing on it.  Also if you don't have one, what about a swing set or swing or something like that? 

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    We're thinking about the trike with a handle for ds's 2nd bday too. Not sure if you already have them, but we're also thinking about some sort of climb and slide thing and a big neighborhood/firehouse toy with cars- sort of like a doll house for boys- where he can move the cars and people around. He likes doing that more now. I thought had a lot of cute stuff.

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    My mom has a cozy coupe at her house and Ava loves it!  I'm sure Piper will be thrilled with her present.

    We nixed the idea of a kitchen for Christmas, so that is what we're getting Ava for her 2nd birthday.

    The sand and water table is a great idea too!  I really want to get one for Ava.

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