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Easter Baskets

If you are putting a basket together for you LO, what are you putting in it?

Re: Easter Baskets

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    Books: Peter Rabbit, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick, and one other Easter one. 

    A sippy cup, pacifiers, a beach ball, a wash cloth, sunglasses... 

    I think thats it...   What are you putting in?

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    books, toys, onesies, pacis, fun stuff like that
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    I got DS some books and some pajamas. ?DH & I have collected all the Disney movies since before we ever had a baby so we got Pinocchio and thought we would stick that in there as well.
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    I have a Baby Einstein DVD (yeah yeah it's bad for your kids to watch TV but when she's awake while I'm getting ready for work I need her to be entertained), baby legs, toys, a book. 
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    Pacis, paci clip, sleep sack, and I'm sure my mom will have some stuff to throw in too!
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    ooo...I like the baby legs idea!
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    I saw a Peter Rabbit lovey at Target.
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    We did a book, a DVD (since the poor kid didn't have any...) a couple toys, some bath stuff. Mostly "necessities" that I would have gotten him anyway.
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